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Peertutors help to build group spirit

Tutors are experienced students who help new students. You can contact your tutors already before your studies start and you’ll meet them when orientation weeks start. Tutors will guide, inform and support you to ensure you have a smooth start for your studies. You’ll meet tutors throughout your studies for example in events organised by the Student Union.

Here a are few distinctive signs how to recognise a tutor:

  • Tutor T-shirt – this tutor’s uniform can be seen every time there’s something going on. The tutor t-shirt combined with the student overalls is a sure way to be noticed.
  • Tutor patch – the official tutor overall patch given only to the Student Union’s tutors. You can’t buy the tutor patch, you must earn it!

Tutor’s duties

Tutors have many different duties. They, for example, help applicants and staff in the entrance exams, guide new students during orientation week and take part in planning and executing orientation events and organize other events during the year. Through additional trainings, such as international tutoring and sports tutoring, tutors gain new duties.

Additional trainings

In addition to peer tutoring, there are special trainings available for those interested in tutoring.

  • A responsible tutor is a more experienced student who has worked as a tutor for at least a year. Responsible tutors help and support tutors and study counsellors in their own degree programmes.
  • The International Tutors guides international exchange and degree students coming to HAMK.
  • Wellbeing tutors are key actors in the well-being and sports services organized by HAMK. Wellbeing tutors leverage their own strengths and interests and modify the tutoring year accordingly. They guide exercise and organize low-threshold physical activities on campus in everyday life.

More information:

Adviser in charge of tutoring is Emma Kokkonen.

Contact Emma:
+358 44 722 1002

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