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Arrival Team

The Arrival Team is an important aid for incoming international students. The members of the team contact the incoming international degree students and exchange students well in advance of their arrival in Finland, answer questions and help with matters related to housing, for example. Team members will meet and welcome the arriving international students on a HAMK campus locality.

The team helps international students get to know Finnish culture and customs. They guide and acquaint students with ordinary everyday things. These include, for example, obtaining a bus card, weighing fruit in a shop or withdrawing money from an ATM. In addition, the team members organize leisure activities within their schedule in cooperation with the tutors. They also encourage Finnish students to get to know international students.

You will get good help getting started when all team members are trained for the task. The training includes information about the special features of international students, prepares for future situations and introduces other members of the team. The training is held in English.

Training and application are held twice a year and can be applied for at any stage of your studies.

The Arrival Team is a great opportunity to be part of the international activities. Although the working language is English, there is no need to worry if your language skills feel inadequate. You will have the opportunity to grow and develop your language skills in an international environment. Go for it and join the Arrival Team. The international network of friends is valuable and will be useful in the future!

Working in the Arrival team can be included in the studies and it is possible to get 2 to 5 credits. The term for the member of the Arrival Team is at least one semester.

For more information, contact Emma Kokkonen, / +358 44 722 1002.

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