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Renew membership

Is Pivo not working or has the sticker on your student card expired? You can easily renew your membership online and have your Pivo student card available again and the academic year sticker ready to be collected. Membership can also be renewed when collecting the sticker.

Renewing membership online

Use the link below to renew your HAMKO membership for any time period you want. If you are not sure is your membership valid, you can contact our office to find out.

Do this to renew your membership online:

  1. Send your email address via link above and please note, that you must use the same form that we have in our membership register. The required form is either or
  2. You will receive an email that has a link to renewing your membership. If you don’t find the link in your inbox, remember to check your spam folder, too.

After you have renewed your membership, you can continue using Pivo and collect new academic year sticker from HAMKO’s office or from our partner student associations. If you can’t collect the sticker from campus, please contact HAMKO’s office.

Renewing membership on campus:

You can also renew your membership at the HAMKO office or at your own campus’ partner association. At HAMKO office, you can pay with card or cash, local student organizations on other campuses take only card payments.

Membership fees when renewing your membership

Membership periodsPrice
Semester (autumn or spring)18 €
Year31 €
1,5 years44 €
2 years57 €
2,5 years70 €
3 years83 €

Become a member!

Hey HAMK student, join your own Student Union! HAMKO promotes your interests and as a sign of your membership you’ll get an official student card with thousands of student benefits all over Finland.

Become a member Renew membership