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International Tutoring

International tutors play a vital role in assisting incoming international students. They proactively reach out to incoming international degree and exchange students well before their arrival in Finland, addressing inquiries and providing assistance regarding housing arrangements. Upon arrival at a HAMK campus, these tutors personally greet and orient the new international students.

Their support extends beyond logistical concerns; they also facilitate an understanding of Finnish culture and customs, guiding students through daily tasks like acquiring a bus card, navigating a local market’s weighing systems, or accessing an ATM. The tutors organize recreational activities, fostering interactions between Finnish and international students.

Accessing tutor training proves invaluable in initiating this role. The training covers insights into the unique aspects of supporting international students, equips tutors for various scenarios, and introduces team members. This comprehensive training is conducted in English.

The training and application process occur annually, open to applicants at any stage of their studies.

Becoming an international tutor presents an exceptional chance to engage in global activities, fostering personal growth and language development within an international setting. Embracing this opportunity contributes to building an invaluable network of international friendships, proving beneficial for the future.

Working as a tutor can be included in the studies and it is possible to get 2 to 5 credits. The term for the tutor is at least one semester.

For more information, please contact Emma Kokkonen, / +358 44 722 1002.

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