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Actors’ contact information

Council of Representatives

Heli Mononen

Anni Väänänen
Vice Chairperson


Jere Ojala
President of the board

+358 44 722 1001

Leidi-Kristal Kohonen
Vice president of the board

+358 44 722 1004

Veera Volanen
Quality and feedback,
Career and employment

Ilona Siili
Communications, Sports

Aleksi Heinilä
Student Culture

Emmi Liias
Welfare, Student Culture

Aino Kouri
Counselling and orientation
Harassment Officer

Rami Pennanen
Member benefits and services, Internationality
Harassment Officer


Aleksi Kurvi
Executive director

+358 44 722 1000

Liisa Hyytiäinen
Adviser, member service and communications

+358 44 722 1003

Emma Kokkonen
Adviser, counselling and student welfare

+358 44 722 1002

Ville Lempola
Adviser, quality of education and careers

+358 44 722 1007

Inka Panttila
Adviser, member service and communications

On a work leave until July 31th 2019.

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