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HAMKO’s actors

The Representative Council

The highest decision-making body in the Student Union is the Representative Council. The Council is elected annually among and by the members of the Student Union. There are 21 representatives in the Representative Council. The Representative Council is in charge of defining policies and it confirms, for example, the plan of work and the budget for the Student Union.

All members of the Student Union can stand for the election of the Representative Council. Each member also has a vote in the election. Remember to use these rights! In addition, all members of the Student Union can attend Council’s meetings.

By working in the Council it is possible to gain credits, read more about optional studies.

The Representative Council 2023

RepresentativeDegree programmeCampusElectoral alliance
Pantsu Jutta,
Sustainable DevelopmentForssaForssan edariliitto
Suppala Ville,
Traffic and Transport ManagementRiihimäkiRiihimäen insinööriopiskelijat
Huuska RistoSocial ServicesHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Kiuru ElinaTraffic and Transport ManagementRiihimäkiRiihimäen insinööriopiskelijat
Leijo NooraSustainable DevelopmentForssaIndependent Candidate
Leppilampi KatiLandscape Design and ConstructionLepaaIndependent Candidate
Lohvansuu PatrickInformation and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular EconomyForssaIndependent Candidate
Minkkinen OonaBusiness AdministrationHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Mäki VeetiConstruction and Civil EngineeringHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Mäkinen AnnamariInformation and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular EconomyForssaIndependent Candidate
Mäkitalo SiniHealth CareHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Nissinen LiljaLandscape Design and ConstructionLepaaIndependent Candidate
Olkkola JoonasSocial ServicesHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Rämö ElinaTraffic and Transport ManagementRiihimäkiRiihimäen insinööriopiskelijat
Saarikallio LauriElectrical and Automation EngineeringValkeakoskiVanhat ja Väsyneet
Škodová JarmilaComputer ApplicationsHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Stenvall LindaSustainable DevelopmentForssaIndependent Candidate
Telilä IlonaLandscape Design and ConstructionLepaaIndependent Candidate
Tikkala MariHealth CareHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Toukomaa JariConstruction ManagementHämeenlinnaIndependent Candidate
Volanen VeeraBiotechnology and Food EngineeringHämeenlinnaVanhat ja Väsyneet

The Board

The Board, elected by the Representative Council, holds the administrative and executive power in the Student Union.

Board’s tasks are to represent the Student Union locally and nationally, lead the operations and inform students and other interest groups about issues concerning them. It is also in charge of the Student Union’s administration.

The term of office of the Board is the calendar year. The Board consists of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and at least three (3) and at most eight (8) members.

By working in the Board, it is possible to gain up to 5 credits, depending on the position. Read more about optional studies

Board 2023

Board memberArea(s) of responsibility
Aino KouriChair of the Board, Partners, Internationality
Meeri JärviVice-Chair of the Board, Sports, Student culture
Viivi HeinonenCouncelling and Orientation, Harassment officer
Antti LinnaCareer and employment, Well-being, Harassment officer
Maisa LampinenMember benefits and services
Sami LunttaAdvocacy and Societal influence
Silja LähtiCommunication, Student culture
Tuomas TorkkeliQuality and feedback, Communication


The Student Union has four employees who, together with the board, are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Student Union. Employees support Board and Council members in their respective areas of responsibility. They also bring perseverance and experience to the Student Union.

Executive director

The job description of the Executive director includes planning and coordinating the activities and finances of the Student Union. The Executive director is also responsible for the administration and services of the Student Union and negotiates Student Union cooperation agreements. The Executive director acts as the supervisor of other staff members.

Adviser, member services and communications

The member services and communications adviser serves students at the Student Union service point in matters related to the student card and membership. Adviser is also responsible for the planning and development of Student Unions communications.

Adviser, counselling and student welfare

The counselling and student welfare adviser plans and develops the tutoring activities carried out by the Student Union, organizes events and produces material to support the tutoring activities. Adviser is also responsible for promoting well-being and ability to study.

Adviser, student community and careers

The student community and career adviser helps to plan, create and produce community activities at all HAMK campuses. The expert develops career services for students in cooperation with the university of applied sciences.

You find all contact information from this link.

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