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Member benefits

As HAMKO’s member you have access to thousands of student benefits all over Finland! Benefits are provided by Pivo, and Opiskelijan Tampere. There are permanent, seasonal and one-off benefits.

Our member benefits are easiest found on Pivo, so it is a good idea to start using the digital student card. Seasonal and one-off benefits can only be found at Pivo, which means that you must have Pivo Student Card.

You can also use the permanent benefits by presenting your AMK student card or a special student card for Path Studies students. If you don’t have Pivo student card, you’ll find a list of student benefits via

Become a member!

Hey HAMK student, join your own Student Union! HAMKO promotes your interests and as a sign of your membership you’ll get an official student card with thousands of student benefits all over Finland.

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