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Students’ rights

Students’ rights are derived from HAMK’s degree regulations and current legislation. As a student you have a right to:

  • The right for equal treatment and accessibility.
  • The right to be informed of the module’s implementations, assessment principles and completion date, before the start of the module.
  • If a student is dissatisfied with the grade or accreditation/exemption decision for a module or other studies, they may request reassessment from the person making the assessment or decision. A written or oral request for reassessment must be made within 14 days of the student being informed of the grade or decision.
  • Right to receive counselling during their studies.
  • Eligibility for recognising and accrediting the competences acquired elsewhere and prior to your studies.
  • The right to upgrade the module grade.

Please note that as a student you also have responsibilities. Completing these responsibilities is a prerequisite for your studies to progress according to your goals. As a student you have a responsibility to:

  • Enroll for the academic year within the given deadline.
  • Register for modules.
  • Complete the studies as they are planned.
  • Prepare a personal study plan and maintain it.
  • Participate in the development of the HAMK’s teaching and activities by providing feedback.

Remember to also check out HAMK’s guidelines for work placement.

If there’s issues related to your studies that leave you unsure of your rights, you can contact the Student Union. All contacts remain confidential and Student Union will not start any actions without your permission.

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