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Starting from 1 January 2021, University of Applied Sciences students also have access to the services of Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS).

In short, this means that from the beginning of 2021, all university students who are completing a degree and have enrolled as present will receive primary health care services through the FSHS. The services therefore also cover, for example, part-time students and master’s degree students. 

Until now, FSHS’s services have only been available to university students and have excluded university of applied sciences students, so the equality between students will be significantly improved. Expanding FSHS’s services to university of applied sciences students has been a common, long-term goal of the student movement. 

We have compiled useful links to this page where you can find information about FSHS and its services. 

What services?

FSHS provides university students with basic health care services, such as periodic health check-ups, preventive measures for oral health, as well as assessment of the need for care and non-urgent medical care. 

You can see a more detailed list of FSHS services on the FSHS website.


The exact addresses of all service points for the HAMK area are not yet known. However, ther is a map on FSHS’s website, where you can find information on where FSHS’s own and where the partner’s service points are located. 

If necessary, you can use any of FSHS’s own service points. Only students who study at a location in which there is a branch unit operated by one of FSHS’ partners can use that service unit. 

Please note that FSHS also has remote services, which means that you do not always have to travel to a local service point to receive treatment. 

In summary, the following things are known about the FSHS service points in HAMK’s area:

  • In Forssa, the services are provided by Mehiläinen (address: Rajakatu 2) and these services are also used by the students of the Mustiala campus.
  • Services in Riihimäki are provided by Mehiläinen (address: Eteläinen Asemakatu 2)
  • Students in Valkeakoski use Tampere’s service point.
  • In Hämeenlinna, FSHS’s own service point will be on Lukiokatu. However, the renovation of the premises is in progress, so from the beginning of the year the services will start in temporary premises, the address of which has not yet been confirmed. Due to the renovation, dental health care services will not be available in Hämeenlinna from the beginning of the year, but will be provided in Tampere until 31 March 2021.

The service points for students of Evo and Lepaa campuses are still unconfirmed.

To whom?

All university students who are present and completing a degree receive primary health care services through the FSHS. The services therefore also cover, for example, part-time students and master students. 

Study Path students and students of the Professional Teacher Education are not eligible for the services. 

What does it cost? When to pay? 

The healthcare fee must be paid by all students who are entitled to use FSHS services. The health care fee is paid to Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland). The amount of the student fee in 2021 is € 35.80 per academic year, or € 71.60 per year.

The healthcare fee is paid to Kela every semester, i.e. twice a year. Kela will not send you an invoice, but you will have to take care of the health care payment on your own initiative. You can read more about how to pay the student healthcare fee in higher education on Kela’s website.

See also: FAQ about the healthcare fee in higher education.

The amount of the fee will be confirmed by the end of November 2020. FSHS will not charge for any appointments. 

Healthcare for students in higher education is financed mainly by the state (77 %), while the remaining 23 % is paid for by students.

Questions about FSHS?

The FSHS website has its own section for frequently asked questions. We recommend a visit! If there is no answer to the issue that concerns you, you can send your own question directly to FSHS via the page.

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