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Hey HAMK student, join your own Student Union! Student Union membership is a way of influencing things that are relevant to you, namely your studies and student life at HAMK. As a member, you can stand for election and vote in the Council of Representatives elections and apply for the Student Union’s Board.

By joining HAMKO, you will receive a student card, which is a proof of student status and gives you access to thousands of student discounts and benefits all over Finland. In addition to the plastic AMK student card, HAMKO members have access to Pivo digital student card.

Who can become a member?

All HAMK students studying for a degree, and who are present and studying in education leading to a degree can join HAMKO. Including part-time, exchange, and master’s degree students.

Study Path students get a special Study Path student card, since Pivo and AMK student card are not available for them.

If you are studying at a professional teacher education, contract training, an open university of applied sciences, or if you are completing an education package that only consists of parts of a degree, unfortunately you are not eligible for a student card.

Membership fees

Membership fee for new members includes the cost of manufacturing the student card, joining fee and membership for the chosen period. The membership fee can be paid for at one time for the whole study period or in several installments. If you are planning to graduate sooner than the target date, it is advisable to pay the membership fee for the period that you are sure you will be studying at HAMK.

Membership periodsPrice for a new member
Semester (autumn or spring)28 €
Year41 €
2 years67 €
3,5 years106 €
4 years119 €

Tips for joining HAMKO

  1. You need to give your HAMK email address ( If you haven’t activated your HAMK username and email yet, you can do it online. If you have problems activating your username, please contact it[at]
  2. Student number: Student number is a seven-digit identifier that you can check in Pakki. The student number is not required when joining HAMKO, so you can leave it blank if necessary.
  3. Photo for the student card: A good guide to choosing a photo is that it does not have to be an official passport photo, but it should be similar to that. Therefore, the image should be taken from the front and your face should be fully visible (make sure, for example, that your forehead is not cropped out). You need to be easily identifiable, so don’t put on sunglasses, hat or hood.
  4. Payments are made via Paytrail, which means you can use online bank or, for example, Visa or MasterCard
Be sure to choose a photo that will easily identify you.

About delivery of AMK student card and Pivo digital student card

The delivery time for AMK student card is about 1-2 weeks, but in September it is possible that the delivery times are slightly longer than usual since there are so many cards ordered. Remember, however, that you can start using Pivo digital student card usually on the day you join!

Membership of an absent student may be deferred until they return to their studies. Read more about deferring your membership here [linkki].

If you have questions about joining HAMKO, please contact us by email We are happy to help!

Become a member!

Hey HAMK student, join your own Student Union! HAMKO promotes your interests and as a sign of your membership you’ll get an official student card with thousands of student benefits all over Finland.

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