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Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring

Peer tutor has completed both parts of tutors’ basic training and works as a guide for new students. The guidance starts from the entrance exams and continues as studies begin and proceed. With the help of peer tutors, new students get to know each other, their new academic environment and its traditions as well as their new hometown.

Usually there is one peer tutor per ten new students and peer tutors work in pairs or in groups in their own degree program. After a year as a peer tutor you have a chance to become a responsible tutor.

Peer tutors’ tasks are, for example, to

  • familiarise students with their new group, studies, academic environment and its practices.
  • introduce students to their new hometown and its free time activities
  • build positive group spirit
  • support students when they need help

You can include peer-tutoring to your studies and get 3-5 credit points. To get the credits, you need to write a tutor portfolio.

Study description:
YH00BM93 Peer tutoring, 3-5 credits

Students understand the importance and role of peer guidance and peer tutoring as part of student guidance at the higher education institution. Students are able to act as tutors and guide the new students at HAMK. Students working as tutors will develop their own community and co-operation skills, as well as strengthen guidance and leadership skills.

Tutoring consists of tutor training sessions and working as a tutor. Through training sessions, the tutor becomes familiar with the functions of the higher education institution and the study environment. Training sessions strengthen the ability of a tutor to work as a responsible peer guide and to encounter and act in different guidance situations. Students will work as tutors in their own degree programme in cooperation with other trained tutors.

Become a peer tutor!

The Student Union of HAMK trains approximately 100 new tutors each year. As a tutor, you will gain new experiences, make new friends, have free time activities and receive ECTS credits! The skills you learn as a tutor are also appreciated by employers. When your tutor period is over, you can ask for a tutor certificate as a proof of your work – it’s a good boost for your CV.

The new tutors are selected through tutor recruitment and interviews. The tutor recruitment is organised every autumn on each HAMK campus. Follow the Student Union’s announcements and apply!

You can get more information about tutoring and the recruitment from your tutors, student counselor or the Student Union’s adviser.

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