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Work groups

The Student Union names student representatives in HAMK’s work groups and other organs. Student representative ensures that students’ interests and point of views are taken into consideration in HAMK’s decision making. Student representatives are chosen by the Council of Representatives.

Please note that in the following list some of the translations to work groups are unofficial.

Work groupRepresentative(s)
Quality management development groupTuomas Torkkeli, Aleksi Kurvi
Student welfare groupEmma Kokkonen, Antti Linna
HAMK management groupAino Kouri
Student counselors’ group Emma Kokkonen, Viivi Heinonen
International affairs group Aleksi Kurvi, Aino Kouri
HOPS (Hämeenlinnan seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö)Ville Suppala, Toni Leivaara
Crisis and security work group Aleksi Kurvi
Board of examinersAntti Linna
Deputy representatives: Noora Leijo, Jutta Pantsu

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