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Quality of education

High-quality education produces skilled professionals for the needs of working life. At HAMK, key principles of education are among other things student-centered teaching and connections to working life. Quality teaching requires continuous improvement – and here the feedback from students is extremely important.

Why give feedback?

The university and teaching can’t be improved, if no one assesses what has been done. As a student, you are an expert in what makes your learning easier and more difficult.

Teaching is constantly in need of improvement, but it is difficult to develop it in the right direction, if it is not assessed together with all the participants. As a student, you have first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t at HAMK. By giving feedback, you give HAMK an opportunity to become better.

What to give feedback on?

Feedback should be given on anything that can be improved in order to make the university better for students and teachers. It’s good to remember that HAMK or any university alone cannot influence all things. As there is more information about the problematic areas in studies, the development of education can be taken forward, for example in collaboration with other universities. You can give HAMK feedback for example about a specific module or practical arrangements (such as the schedules) or property maintenance.

How to give feedback?

When giving feedback, it is important to keep in mind that you are giving feedback to another person. Feedback should be given so that it highlights the problem and its effects, and gives a possible solution to the situation. In addition to mentioning problems, it is essential to point out any positive sides to the issue at hand so that they can be preserved. Especially, if you are giving feedback about a person or a person’s actions, you should phrase your message as carefully and politely as possible.

Where to give feedback?

  • Module feedback: Teachers collect feedback about the module implementation and content at the end of each module.
  • Degree Programme’s feedback discussions: The Degree Programme feedback is collected according to each Degree Programme’s own practices, at least once every semester. Usually, in the Degree Programme’s feedback discussion, the Head of Degree Programme, a member of a student organisation and student representatives from all starting groups are present. The representatives have collected feedback from their group members beforehand and forward the messages in this discussion.
  • Rector’s student feedback discussions: Once a year, rector and vice rectors meet student representatives for each school at HAMK. A member of the Student Union is also present in the feedback discussion. In the hearing, student representatives have a chance to give feedback they have collected beforehand from their group directly to the rectors, and the rectors have an opportunity to give immediate response to the feedback.
  • In addition: student performance appraisals, international exchange feedback, Bachelor’s thesis feedback, work placement feedback, AVOP (graduand feedback questionnaire)

NB! you can anytime give feedback to the Student Union for example via this form. We will pass on your feedback – if you wish anonymously.

Give feedback – earn an overall patch!

“Feedback vegetables” are overall patches that are given to students in return for being active in giving feedback. There are four different patches:

  • Potato: You can earn potato overall patch in your own degree programme’s feedback discussion.
  • Pepper and carrot: Give feedback at student union’s pop up stand at HAMKO on the Road tour and you’ll get a pepper or carrot!
  • Broccoli: Broccoli patches are for students who take part in rector’s student feedback discussions.

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