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Problems with access ability in new student cards

Update: Problems with access ability have been fixed. However, there is still a delay in the delivery of new student cards. You will be notified by email ( when your student card has arrived.

We have found out that there is a problem with access ability in new student cards. This means that the new cards don’t function as a key to HAMK campuses. The problem only applies to student cards ordered this autumn and previously ordered ones work normally. Cause of the problem has been identified and will be fixed in a few days.

We will inform when all the cards work again normally.

Unfortunately this problem with access ability delays this week’s student card order. This means that it is possible that the card delivery time is a bit over two weeks. We recommend using Pivo digital student card, if possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience!

NB. If you have HAMK Moves Sports Pass, unfortunately access to the gym isn’t working at the moment either. You can anyhow go to fitness classes. Sports coordinator Jari Virtanen has told all the exercise instructors to let participants in until the problem with the cards has been fixed.

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