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New adviser in HAMKO’s personnel

The spring season brought about a recruitment by the student union, HAMKO, as we were on a quest to find a skilled adviser specializing in community engagement and event coordination to enhance our team.

After a thorough search, we were pleased to discover a suitable candidate. Following some collaborative scheduling efforts, we proudly welcomed Jenna Mäkelä aboard from the beginning of August!

Jenna’s role encompasses chiefly centered around community and event-related affairs. Within the realm of HAMK, the significance of fostering and actively participating in community endeavors cannot be overstated. The adviser helps to plan, create, and produce community activities at all HAMK campuses.

Jenna has previously worked e.g. in education, family services and recruitment. She has studied entrepreneurship and team management at TAMK as a Bachelor of Business Administration and educational sciences in Tampere University. About the BBA studies, Jenna particularly points out how it was effortless to transition into working life, since she had already been able to do different types of working life projects during her studies. In addition, Proakatemia’s sense of community and strong alumni networks made a strong impression.

Jenna has been able to get to know the student union, HAMK and has met students for more than a month now. How do you feel when you have already gotten to know the activity? “I’ve had a really good time. It’s been nice to get to know enthusiastic and active people and it’s nice to work with the students because they have such a good vibe. I’m looking forward to working with students, HAMK employees, partners, and HAMKO’s board, employees, and representatives on all campuses,” says Jenna.

Geographically, Jenna made the transition from Pirkanmaa to Häme. Reflecting on this move, she shares, “My family and I recently relocated from Pirkanmaa to Häme. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to familiarize myself with my new home area, its various campuses, and now, to experience them firsthand through my professional role.” So, don’t hesitate to share your campus’s highlights with Jenna and make her feel at home!

“Learning and community – and especially learning together – are close to my heart. I am grateful to get the opportunity from HAMKO to work for the students!” Jenna rejoices.

If you have ideas related to community, events, or career services, feel free to contact Jenna. Jenna can be reached by email at and by phone at +358 44 722 1007.

Welcome to aboard Jenna!

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