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Tips for Rocking Your Overalls

Hey there, proud owner of brand new or slightly worn overalls! Congratulations on your fantastic purchase. To help you make the most out of this stylish piece of clothing, we’d like to share some tried-and-true tips.

Overalls bring a sense of togetherness to the student community, and the overall-wearing team knows how to have a blast. While there are many unspoken “rules” when it comes to wearing overalls, there’s also plenty of room for personal expression. The following tips are more like established practices than strict rules, so feel free to make your overalls uniquely yours.

But let’s dive into those tips.

  1. Avoid the Washing Machine
    First things first: overalls should never find their way into the washing machine. Well, at least you shouldn’t admit to it! Instead, consider alternatives like taking a dip in the pool or showering with your overalls on. Washing can be harsh on overalls and their materials, so we recommend proper ventilation instead of washing. If you’re dealing with unpleasant odors, you can even toss your overalls in the freezer. Just remember this when you’re contemplating a roll on that muddy lawn at your next event.
  2. Don a Belt
    We firmly believe that the entire student community endorses wearing a belt with overalls. With a belt, you won’t find yourself constantly tugging them up when the best songs are playing at the bar, and the dance floor is on fire. The HAMKO belt is an excellent choice for this purpose!
  3. Representing in Overalls
    In overalls, you represent your own University of Applied Sciences, so let’s behave, even if we’re having fun.
  4. Show off the HAMK Logo
    When wearing the overalls, the logo of your University of Applies Sciences must be visible on the back.
  5. Sew On Your Badges
    Traditionally, badges are sewn on by hand. While it might be tempting to use glue, a sewing machine, or even enlist your mother’s help, the most durable option is good old-fashioned sewing. There are as many sewing styles as there are overall owners, and you’re free to choose your own. The key is to ensure that the badges stay put for years to come. We recommend using sewing thread and a small, sharp needle. Bear thread (Karhulanka in Finnish) or double thread will guarantee the best results. Gluing is not a reliable method, as the badges tend to fray over time. Plus, gluing can make the overall fabric stiffer, and who wants that? To prevent stiffness, you can also remove the “background fabric” from the patches.
  6. Show Off Your Badges
    In your first year, refrain from sewing badges onto the sponsors. These companies and operators have contributed to the purchase of your overalls, so let them have their moment!
  7. Overall Badges can be earned or bought
    You can earn and purchase overall badges from events, companies, restaurants, HAMKO, associations, or even many online stores. Check out websites like If you find sewing badges too tiresome, consider joining badge sewing evenings for assistance.
  8. Get Creative with Decorations
    Feel free to get creative and decorate your overalls with various eye-catching accessories. You can attach pearl jewelry, lei bands, key necklaces, and all sorts of check and staff passes from various events. The only limit is your creativity. Just be mindful not to overload your belt and hammer loops with so much stuff that you sound like a walking rattle!
  9. Sleeve Etiquette
    Remember to tie up your sleeves outside the toilet booth, being considerate of your fellow party-goers and preventing long restroom queues.
  10. Swapping sleeves or legs a.k.a. Lahkeenvaihto
    Notice some students sporting differently colored sleeves or legs? Swapping a leg piece signifies a relationship with the person, while swapping sleeves with a friend is a creative twist. Mix and match to your heart’s content!

And there you have it! Your overalls are now primed and ready to take on the student world. Enjoy!

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