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Kilometrihamstraus moves you in the spring-winter 2022

Come and join HAMKO’s spring-winter Kilometrihamstraus. The 2022 HAMKO Kilometrihamstraus starts on March 21st! (Kilometrihamstraus=Kilometre hoarding)

Gather a team of a maximum of 6 people and sign up to collect kilometres. The winning team is getting for an hour of bowling with meals. You can also participate in the event alone.


Registration is free of charge and kilometres are collected between March 21 and April 3, 2022 i.e. full two weeks! Registration is open and continues until the start date of the event, i.e. until March 21.

How the results are calculated?

The team with the highest average mileage wins. The kilometres collected by the entire team together are divided by the number of participants in the team, so there is no advantage in the size of the team.

Example with 4-person team
Person 1 collects 10 km
Person 2 collects 20 km
Person 3 collects 15 km
Person 4 collects 5 km

10+20+15+5 = 50 km/4 (number of people on the team) = 12.5 km. The team’s mileage will be 12.5 km.
Those who register and participate in the event will receive an overalls badge for the event free of charge.


All sports where the muscle is the engine are allowed. You need to be able to measure kilometres and there must be proof of every performance. You can use for example Sports Tracker (or a similar app) and take screenshots of the performances. In addition to Sports Tracker, there are other free apps for your phone that can be used here. The picture must show the mileage and date.

How to get the overall badge?

There is no mileage limit for getting an overalls badge, so you can earn a badge even on a short trip. Please note that there is a limited number of badges (300).

To get the overall badge your team must sign up for the event and return screenshots in one file to

The prize

Fifth Avenue offers the winning team an award that combines fun with exercise and delicious dining! The winning team will receive an hour of bowling with meals in Fifth Avenue restaurant.

Fifth Avenue-ravintolan logo
Fifth Avenue encourages student sports by offering a fun and delicious prize!

Team together? Great, just sign up from here!

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