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Guest pen blog: To help the entrepreneur – OP Light Entrepreneur Service

Marianne Kukkamäki, a customer expert at our partner OP Etelä-Häme, talks about OP’s light entrepreneurship in a guest pen blog.

I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family and I don’t dream of entrepreneurship. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that entrepreneurship interests me a lot in a professional sense. Without bold people and innovative ideas, there would be no functioning society with jobs.

During my ten years of finance, my job responsibilities have changed, but one factor has always united them, the desire to be helpful and useful. I have been working with entrepreneurial clients for the past few years and I find myself inspired by new business ideas and thoughts. The best part of my job is sparring with start-up entrepreneurs and helping them start the entrepreneurial path.

You can become an entrepreneur already during your studies

There is perhaps more talk about entrepreneurship than ever before. Indeed, entrepreneurship education in schools and educational institutions is very important and is certainly one of the biggest factors in igniting the flame of entrepreneurship in people.

During my studies of Bachelor of Business Administration in HAMK in 2017-2020, I was excited about how many courses focused on the corporate world. There were various tasks from the creation of a business idea to a business plan, chewing on figures and making calculations, and just the right projects for companies and associations.

As a light entrepreneur, there is time left for studying and entrepreneurship, when paper work are handled electronically and accounting is also automatic!

At the moment, while working at OP Etelä-Häme’s business services, I also get to bring the good news of entrepreneurship to educational institutions. One of our best innovations is the OP Light Entrepreneur service, which enables the establishment of a company, the invoicing of one’s own work and accounting with one service. As a light entrepreneur, there is time left for studying and entrepreneurship, when paper work are handled electronically and accounting is also automatic!

What Light Entrepreneurship is?

At its simplest, light entrepreneurship refers to a billing service, but billing services differ slightly from each other. As an OP Light Entrepreneur, a person receives a business ID and is also officially an entrepreneur. For example, a business ID makes it possible for an entrepreneur to keep everything to himself by invoicing EUR 10,000 a year without VAT, without having to pay VAT to the taxpayer. In addition to this, the student can also benefit from the business ID if deductible income-generating costs are incurred in business operations, such as a telephone or computer acquired for business operations. These above-mentioned costs have a depressing effect on the final result of the business and thus on the income limits of the study grant.

As an OP Light Entrepreneur, all you need is your online banking ID and everything else is handled through the OP Light Entrepreneur service. The service will get you a business ID and you can start billing even on the same day. As an OP Light Entrepreneur, you also don’t pay extra, the only cost of the service is 5% of the sales of your bill, and if you achieve a turnover of 30,000 euros, the rest of the year will be free for you. I like to spar and help with everything related to starting a business and the banking world. In addition, I recommend using other experts, for example in the field of taxation and financial support, if these issues are considered.

Cheer to studies and courage to your dreams!

Marianne Kukkamäki
Customer Service Specialist, Business Services OP Etelä-Häme

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