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Applicants for the Representative Council are directly elected

The standing for election for the Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMKO) Representative council elections was held from 19th of September until 17th of October 2022. All HAMKO’s members were entitled to stand for election.

The result of standing for election

By the deadline there were 16 candidates. There is 21 seats in the Representative Council, so there were fewer candidates than there are seats.

According to the rules of the Student Union, in such a situation, all nominated candidates who are deemed eligible are elected directly to the Representative Council without an actual election, and the Representative Council is later supplemented by by-elections.

Elected to the council are (in alphabetical order):

Heinonen Viivi, Information and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular Economy
Järvi Meeri, Social Services
Kiuru Elina, Traffic and Transport Management
Lampinen Maisa, Health Care
Linna Antti, Electrical and Automation Engineering
Luntta Sami, Natural Resources
Lähti Silja, Sustainable Development
Mäkitalo Sini, Health Care
Pantsu Jutta, Sustainable Development
Rämö Elina, Traffic and Transport Management
Saarikallio Lauri, Electrical and Automation Engineering
Škodová Jarmila, Computer Applications
Suppala Ville, Traffic and Transport Management
Telilä Ilona, Landscape Design and Construction
Torkkeli Tuomas, Information and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular Economy
Volanen Veera, Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Congratulations to the elected members of the Representative Council! Selected will be contacted in person.


By-elections will be held on January and February 2023. Only vacancies will be filled in the by-elections. The members of the Representatives Council who have now been elected will not run as candidates in the by-elections but will hold their position as members of the Representative Council.

Organizing meeting of the new council will take on Tuesday, 15th of November 2022 in Hämeenlinna University Centre. All HAMKO’s members are welcome to participate in the meeting.

The meeting will also elect HAMKO’s board for 2023. If you are interested in applying to the board, please contact Executive Director Aleksi Kurvi, or the Chair of the Board (2022) Aino Kouri,

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