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The Representative Council election results

The standing for election for the autumn 2023 Cepresentative Council elections were organized from September 25 to October 16, 2023.

The representative elections were organized as an electronic election on November 6-8, 2023. There were a total of 23 candidates in the elections. A total of 504 votes were cast in the election and the turnout was 12,40.

The following representatives are elected to the council:

Comparison numberCandidateElected /
In reserve for the Council
Electoral AllianceDegree ProgrammeNumber of Votes (Candidate)Number of votes (Electoral Alliance)
100Jukka ViitanenELECTEDTradenööritBusiness Information Technology47100
96Jutta PantsuELECTED Vorssan upea liittoSustainable Development3296
50Jari ToukomaaELECTED TradenööritConstruction Management28100
48Silja LähtiELECTED Vorssan upea liittoSustainable Development2896
42Juuso TuomaalaELECTED Independent candidateElectrical and Automation Engineering4242
33,33..Toni LeivaaraELECTED TradenööritConstruction and Civil Engineering25100
32Meeri JärviELECTED Independent candidateSocial Services3232
32Henriikka MastokangasELECTED Vorssan upea liittoSustainable Development1996
31Pipsa RemesELECTED Independent candidateHorticulture3131
28Mikael LaitinenELECTED Independent candidateBusiness Administration2828
25Maisa LampinenELECTED Independent candidatePublic Health Nursing2525
25Riina KinnunenELECTED Independent candidateSocial Services2525
24Ville SuppalaELECTED Independent candidateTraffic and Transport Management2424
24Satu Honka ELECTED Vorssan upea liittoInformation and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular Economy1196
23Beverly NjeriELECTED Independent candidateComputer Applications2323
22Leevi MeriläinenELECTED Independent candidateMechanical and Production Engineering2222
19,2Helena SalmelainenELECTED Vorssan upea liittoSustainable Development696
13Sini MäkitaloELECTED Independent candidatePublic Health Nursing1313
12Essi VestuELECTED Independent candidateHealth Care1212
10Kia VasarainenELECTED Independent candidateHorticulture1010
9Juno OlkkolaELECTED Independent candidateSocial Services99
6Mari TikkalaIN RESERVEIndependent candidatePublic Health Nursing66
6Tuomas TorkkeliIN RESERVEIndependent candidateInformation and Communication Technology, Bio and Circular Economy66

Congratulations to all!

The organising meeting of the Representative Council will be held on Monday 20 November 2023 at 16:30 at the Hämeenlinna University Centre.

In addition to the organising of the council, the meeting will elect HAMKO’s board for 2024. If you are interested in a board meeting, contact the Chair of the Board 2023, Aino Kouri,

If the person elected to the representative council applies and is elected to the board, those who are in reserve will be appointed to the representative council. Those in reserve rise in order according to the comparison number they received.

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