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*PIVO users also get the benefits of, you can find them on your own PIVO mobile student card.

Uber – 10 euro discount code for new users!

Whether you want to do business in the city or get to know a foreign city – getting around should be easy. Uber is an internationally known application, from which you can easily order a ride for yourself!
Uber offers students a ten-euro discount on their first trip for new users with the code SLICE_NEW_01. Enter the benefit in the Uber app.

Terms of the campaign:

  • The campaign is valid until 23:55 on 12 October 2022.
  • The campaign is only valid in the areas where Uber operates – i.e. in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku
  • The discount code only applies to new customers.
  • The discount cannot be combined with other offers or campaigns.
  • The discount cannot be used for cancellation fees or tips.
  • If you have more than one discount code in the application, the code with the largest value is used first
  • The benefit cannot be used for Uber Eats orders.

Tier – First three trips at half price!

The benefit is valid in the following locations: Espoo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Nokia, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa and Lahti.
Hop on the back of any of TIER’s safe and comfortable electric scooters or electric bikes on your way to your fellow students and take advantage of your student offer. Also, did you know that swapping your TIER’s dead battery for a charged one on SwapSpot gives you free rides? Keep your eyes open for lightning icons in the app!

Tier is offering -50% off the first 3 trips on TIER vehicles using the code SLICE2022. Only available to new customers. The discount must be used within 14 days of redemption.

Telia – several phone subscription offers at student prices!

The text is unfortunately available only in Finnish, read more about the offer from here.
You find the campaign page from here.

Nextory: 7 weeks for free!

Start the school year with thousands of stories. Thanks to autumn, we at Slice have the opportunity to offer you an extra long 7 week free trial to Nextory and their over 400 000 audio and e-books’ selection! You can redeem the offer from here.

Valid for Nextory’s new customers.

Viking Line – Cruises from Turku and Helsinki at great prices!

24-hour cruise from Turku, Viking Grace, up to -40% of the daily price

Viking Grace’s 24-hour cruises from Turku are full of shopping, dining and fun moments. Viking Grace is the toughest concert arena in the Baltic Sea.

Age limit 20 years. There are limited places. We reserve the right to make changes. Max. 2 cabins/booking. The benefit is valid Monday – Thursday & Saturday with departures from 20 September to 18 December 2022. The cheapest price online. Book your trip with the product code: FRSLICE or call 0600-415 77 (€2.01/answered call + lnc/mcc)

Viking Line cruises from Helsinki, up to -50% of the daily price!

Cruises from Helsinki to Tallinn or Stockholm! The benefit is valid every day until 22 December 2022.
Visit on a day cruise or at the end of the week, you can do a picnic cruise. A mini cruise is a great option for an evening out in the country. Or cruise to Stockholm for a day on Gabriella, you leave Helsinki every other day.

The age limit to Tallinn every day is 18. Age limit for Stockholm 20 years. There are limited places. We reserve the right to make changes. Max. 8 people / reservation. The cheapest price online. Book your trip with the product code: FRSLICE or call 0600-415 77 (€2.01/answered call + lnc/mcc)

Social Burgerjoint – 2 lunches for the price of one for students!

Please note that Social Burgerjoint may not have an office in your location. However, every student can claim the benefit by changing the location of the application.

Social Burgerjoint’s products are made by hand from responsibly produced and high-quality raw materials. Hamburgers are fried in a mibrasa charcoal grill. There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu! One of the specialties of the selection is the new vegetable-based burger patty, which tastes like three years of expert work to achieve perfect taste.

You can claim the one-time benefit “two lunches for the price of one” from your own application in the following locations: Tampere, Vaasa, Lahti, Oulu and Helsinki.

In addition to these national benefits, current local benefits:

By nature, the benefits are continuous benefits that are always valid, or individual redeemable one-time benefits.

  • Amarillo: Two Big Burgers for the price of one Mon-Thurs
  • Fifth Avenue: Free admission to Candyland indoor play area
  • Restaurant Maja: Two lunches for the price of one

You can also find these benefits in the PIVO student card application!

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