By joining the Student Union you'll get the official student card, which is your way to prove that you're a student in Finland in all situations necessary. With the card, you can access all benefits of your own student group, such as national student deals (e.g. train and bus discounts, student-priced meals) and local student discounts and benefits.


Frank’s student card ordering system has been closed on June 5th 2017. Due to the system change, we’ll open a new card ordering service for the students in early July on this page!


Prices for new members:  
1 semester (autumn or spring) 33 €
1 year 46 €
2 years 72 €
3,5 years 111 €
4 years 124 €


The prices include the joining fee (4,9 €), card producing costs (15,10 €) and the membership fee.


When you pay the membership for your whole study time, you'll save on membership fees and make sure you're eligible to student benefits and discounts all the time.


NB! If you already have a student card by HAMKO, you just have to make sure you have a valid academic year sticker on your card.