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Study Path Student

During your path studies, you are a student at an open university of applied sciences, but you are studying with degree students. During your path studies, you have a green path student card.

With the green student card you will get:

  • Benefits of Slice’s digital student card application,
  • discounts on HAMKO events, services and products,
  • at the membership price of the HAMK Moves exercise pass,
  • you are entitled to vote in HAMKO representative board elections and
  • also run for office in the representative elections.
  • But it should be noted that the card is not valid for the services of national service providers, such as VR and Matkahuolto. In addition, pathway students are not covered by Kela’s meal subsidy.

Student card update after path studies

When you have completed your path studies and are about to become an actual degree student, proceed as follows:

  1. Please contact or In the message, state that you have received the right to a degree. We will update your information in the member register.
    • If you need to renew your membership, you can do so via HAMKO’s membership form.
    • If you chose a longer membership when you joined, your membership will continue.
  2. Membership can be renewed either through our website, on site at the HAMKO office in the Hämeenlinna University Centre or at the local student association. If you are not sure whether you have paid the membership fee, you can confirm it by sending us a message.
  3. As a degree student, you are entitled to an AMK student card, with which you can also use VR and Matkahuolto’s student discounts and Kela’s meal subsidy. Your student card is ready at our office. When you contact us, we can arrange to pick up/deliver the card to you.
  4. Your digital student card is updated to a standard student card.

If you have any questions about membership or a student card, feel free to contact us!

More info:

Adviser, Member Service and Communications
Liisa Hyytiäinen
tel. +358447221003

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Hey HAMK student, join your own Student Union! HAMKO promotes your interests and as a sign of your membership you’ll get an official student card with thousands of student benefits all over Finland.

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