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In the Representatives Council by-election, the missing 5 members of the Council are chosen for the term 2024. All members of the Student Union who have fulfilled their obligation* to the Student Union and are registered as present student for the academic year 2023–2024 or spring 2024 semester may stand for election.

*The student’s membership is valid and they are a present student.

Every member of the Student Union who has fulfilled their membership obligations has the right to stand as a candidate. The candidates for the Representative Council shall be nominated in the manner determined by the Central Election Committee no later than twenty-one (21) days before the first election day.

The Central Election Committee checks the candidates’ right to stand as a candidate and approves the candidates upon registration.

The Central Election Committee determines the numbers in use and draws the election numbers from the lists.

Standing for election in the Student Union of HAMK’s Representative Council by-election begins on Monday 18.12.2023 at 9:00 and ends on Monday 22.1.2024 at 16.00.

The standing for election is done by an electronic form.

Voting will begin on Monday 12.2.2024 at 9:00 and end on Wednesday 14.2.2023 at 16:00.

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