Standing for election in the Student Union of HAMK UAS’s Council of Representatives election ended on 8..10.2018 at 16:00. There are 32 accepted candidates and 1 electoral coalition. Candidates were given numbers 2-33.


The voting begins on Friday 2.11.2018 at 12:00 and end on Wednesday 7.11.2018 at 16:00.


The list of those eligible to vote will be checked on 26.10.2018. All students, who have fulfilled their obligation to the Student Union by that time, are eligible to vote in the Council of Representatives election.


The link for the electronic voting system will be sent to the Student Union member's email address.



Candidates in the Council of Representatives 2019 election:


2. Siiri Tuomisto Independent candidate
3. Iida Lehtonen Independent candidate
4. Tytti Maanpää Independent candidate
5. Rakib Evan Independent candidate
6. Lasse Vilmi Independent candidate
7. Emilia Enberg Independent candidate
8. Topi Ylönen Independent candidate
9. Sakari Vitikka Independent candidate
10. Maisa Koivisto Independent candidate
11. Peppina Sillasto Independent candidate
12. Veera Petäsnoro Independent candidate
13. Viljami Erola Tradenöörit
14. Mari Hartikainen Tradenöörit
15. Roope Heinonen Tradenöörit
16. Liisa Hyytiäinen Tradenöörit
17. Abdishakuur Jamac Tradenöörit
18. Anssi Kinnunen  Tradenöörit
19. Mikael Laitinen Tradenöörit
20. Sini Larke Tradenöörit
21. Johanna Lehtiö Tradenöörit
22. Mikael Lehtonen Tradenöörit
23. Eelis Liukkonen Tradenöörit
24. Ronja Nyberg Tradenöörit
25. Aleksi Ojanperä Tradenöörit
26. Tatu Peltonen Tradenöörit
27. Kalle Rantanen Tradenöörit
28. Petja Valo Tradenöörit
29. Sanni Aaltonen Independent candidate
30. Nikke Sopanen Independent candidate
31. Katja Pouta Independent candidate
32. Johannes Asikainen Independent candidate
33. Ismo Kulmala Independent candidate


More information:


Chairman of the Central Electoral Committee, Maija Kranni


Executive Director, Riku Kemppinen

tj@hamko.fi, tel. 0447221000