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Everything you need about person selections of Student Union

The inaugural meeting is soon, but who will be elected there? We introduce you, who all will be elected.

The Representative Council, or more commonly Edari, will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair from among its members. In addition, the Representative Council elects a Chair, a Vice-Chair and at least three members of the Board.

Who can apply?

To apply to the board, you must be a member of HAMKO, and a student at HAMK. You can apply to the board even if you have not applied to the Representative Council.

Only those, who have already been elected to the Representative Council may apply as the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Council. Those elected to the Representative Council may apply to the Board, but may not operate in both at the same time.

The official operating language of the Student Union is Finnish. This means that, for example, the minutes of meetings are always made in Finnish. You don’t need to be a native speaker, but you must have basic skills in the Finnish language.

What do you need to know about the positions?

Chair of the Board

In addition to Board meetings, the Chair of the Board manages the Board’s operations and is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The Chair leads the work with their work, setting an example, but is also capable to divide tasks. The Chair is a bridge-builder who knows how to create partnerships and cooperation. A constructive approach to things is a plus. The Chair of the Board is the most representative, so social skills are important.

Vice-Chair of the Board

The Vice-Chair is the one who takes the lead the Chair is prevented. The Vice-Chair operates as an important working partner for the Chair. It is a good thing for the Vice-Chair if they are interested in different responsibilities because they have to be interested in what is going on around them.

Together, the presidency acts as an important link between the staff of the student union and the board members, and their responsibility is to take care of the flow of information.

Members of the Board

The members of the Board work as part of the Board and are responsible for the practical implementation of their responsibilities, but also help each other. The board needs people who know how to take action. A good board member is interested in learning new things.

Both the Presidium and the members of the Board participate in the practical tasks.

Presidium of the Representative Council

At the inaugural meeting, the Representative Council, or Edari, elects the Chair and Vice-Chair from among its members. A person other than those who have already been elected to the Representative Council cannot apply to the Presidium of the Representative Council.

The Chair of the Council chairs the meetings of the Representative Council. The Presidium of the Council works together with the Board, monitoring the activities of the Board. The Presidium activities focus on the meetings of the Board and the Representative Council. The entire Representative Council monitors the activities of the Board through the Presidium, but also in its the meetings, where the Board reports on its activities.

If you have been elected to the Representative Council, you can run for the Presidium of Council at the inaugural meeting.

Do I need to know something beforehand?

You will do well if you are cooperative by nature and are eager to learn new things. Not every area of ​​responsibility would be familiar, no harm. The Board will be trained on its work.

The technical skills, which are required, is to be able to use the Office 365 platform used in HAMK. Email is already a familiar way of communication for you, but for instant messaging Student Union uses Teams and WhatsApp. We expect the Presidiums of the Board and the Council to be able to use all of these.

How and where can I apply?

HAMKO’s Board will be elected at the inaugural meeting of the Representative Council. Read more about the meeting from here. You can apply to the Board at the meeting on-site or send your free-form application in advance by e-mail to

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