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Apply to HAMKO’s Board 2022!

The Board year is often described as one of the most significant years during studies. The application for the student union board for 2022 is now open!

The Board leads the practical operations of the student union and turns the action plan into practical actions.
The Board consists of a President, a Vice President and a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eight (8) members. Board’s tasks are to represent the Student Union locally and nationally and inform students as well as other interest groups about issues concerning them. It is also in charge of the Student Union’s administration.

Please note that the official language of the Student Union is Finnish. This means that, for example, the minutes of meetings are always made in Finnish.

The Board plans and implements the activities of the Student Union in accordance with the decisions made by the Council of Representatives.

In practice, this means for example the following tasks:

  • promoting actively HAMK students interests,
  • participating in different working groups at HAMK,
  • planning and organizing HAMKO’s events,
  • ordering student unions overalls and coordinating their sales on campuses,
  • participating in communications, for example producing content for social media channels.

The Board has various responsibility processes, e.g. membership benefits and services, counselling and orientation, quality of education, and student culture. Duties and responsibilities are divided among the Board members according to the interests of each.

The board has many different tasks and requires different types of expertise. We welcome applicants from different backgrounds, from all HAMK campuses and degree programs! You do not need previous experience, as the board members will be trained. All you have to do is be a member of HAMKO and a student at HAMK at the time of selection.

How to apply?

HAMKO’s Board will be chosen on Thursday, 18 November 2021 in the Council’s inaugural meeting in Hämeenlinna University Centre. The meeting will begin at 4.30 pm. More detailed information about the meeting can be found in the event calendar. You can come to the meeting and apply to the Board there or you can send your application by email to

Did you have any questions? Contact the Student Union Executive Director Aleksi Kurvi for more information. Contact info: or +358 44 722 1000 or President of the Board, Jere Ojala,

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