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We are developing HAMKO with the help of your feedback

In April, we asked you to answer our membership survey. With the help of the survey, we wanted to find out your opinions about HAMKO’s membership, membership benefits, events, communication and supervision of interests. Thanks to all the respondents! You gave us valuable feedback and we will do our best to use it to improve our operations.

HAMKO’s adviser Inka, who is responsible for member service, compiled a report on the survey. The measures to be taken on the basis of the report were planned in cooperation with the board, chairpersons of the council and staff. We all met to work together on the second weekend of June.

Each participant had been given a pre-assignment for the weekend: Read the membership survey report and write down development ideas that we can start working on in the autumn. These development ideas were recorded as tasks in the operational plan of action for autumn 2020, which is basically a to do list for the board, chairpersons of the council and staff.

These tasks were written down to our to do list:

  • We will improve communication about membership benefits, for example, by publishing a monthly blog post about current Slice benefits and posting more on social media.
  • We will use our communication channels to tell more about the work we have done in the Student Union and, in particular, things related to promotion of students’ interests.
  • We will organize a sports excursion in the spring of 2021.
  • We will improve HAMK students’ awareness of harassment officers and their work using our communication channels.
  • We will start to develop HAMKO on the Road campus tours to make them more interesting and useful for our members.
  • We will develop career services for students, such as CV workshops.
  • We communicate better from different working groups to which HAMK students can apply as student representatives.
  • We will organize “Influence at HAMK” event. In the event, we will inform students of the various ways to influence matters concerning students at HAMK and nationally.
  • We will make the different feedback channels at HAMKO and HAMK better known and encourage every student to use them.
  • We will take Higher Education on the Move 2020‒2022 programme forward at HAMK.
  • We will support student associations on all HAMK campuses to make sure that we have successful Council of Representatives Election.

In addition to suggestions to improve our actions, we also received praise and thanks, which made us really happy. Hopefully we will keep evoking these positive feelings in the future in an even greater extent!

HAMKO's board in group photo taken in June 2020.
Thank you for giving us feedback!

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