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Pivo student card is full of great benefits even in the summer

As HAMKO’s member, you have access to thousands of student benefits with Pivo student card. Pivo has benefits all over Finland, which means that as HAMKO’s member you can enjoy the benefits all over Finland, not just in HAMK localities! And of course there’s discounts to online shops, too.

To use the benefits, you will need a code, which you will find in Pivo. You can search for benefits, for example, by choosing a location or you can narrow your search to online shops only.

Right now you’ll find for example these great benefits in Pivo:

Paine Clothing:
30 % off from your first purchase and after that other purchases -10 %

Kombucha drinks Party Box -25 %! Party box includes nine different flavors.

Coffee from Slurp:
Coffee from small roasteries! You’ll get a 3 euro discount from your first coffee and 5 % discount from other products.

If you don’t have Pivo digital student card yet, start using it now! Read more from Pivo’s website! logo

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