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Leave no stone unturned in a search of a job

Despite the effects of this spring’s corona-crisis and the general public debate on labor policy, recruitments are open and HAMK students have the advantage of having their own recruitment route, HAMK Talents.

The economy and the labor market operate in some strong parallels. As a concrete phenomenon, the oscillation of one also causes the oscillation of the other. Until eternity, one might wonder whether a tree is waving a leaf, or a leaf is waving the tree. Nevertheless, in this spring the waving has been caused by a global pandemic.

Over the past three months, the headlines in newspaper’s financial pages have been dominated by news of collective bargaining and massive layoffs. Exports are declining and the economy is trampling in place like a skier on dry land.

The circumstances force us all to experience the world through the window of our living room and it feels as if the whole of society is at a standstill and nothing happens. This, of course, is a delusion created by the view opening from the window. The labor market is not at a standstill and recruitments are open and going full steam forward.

In the autumn of 2019, HAMK Talents student recruitment system offered by Titus was introduced at HAMK. The purpose of the service is to be a recruitment channel specifically for those who are still studying. It is generally not the case to enter an incomplete degree or a tiny specific individual skill in a curriculum vitae, but at HAMK Talents they can be used to excel and stand out. The service offers summer jobs if you are still missing such, temporary jobs, permanent jobs, thesis assignments and projects. Everything with which you can grow your own portfolio and CV even more.

Now is a great time to create a profile to HAMK Talents and double the chances of getting a job. The sun is shining outside, it’s summer soon and you never know from which direction you will find a job!

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