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Students have versatile sports services

Häme University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of sports to promote the well-being of its students. Varied exercise opportunities can be found on every campus and the movement of students and through that e.g. the aim is to support the ability to study equally.

HAMK Moves is responsible for student exercise together with local student associations on Häme University of Applied Sciences’ campuses and their surroundings.

If you have wishes or ideas on how sports services should be developed, share your thoughts with HAMK’s sports planner Jari Virtanen.

Sports services on campuses

List of HAMK’s sports services for students in the academic year 2023-2024. Click on the name of the desired campus, you will get to the page of that campus.


Sports Pass

To use Hämeenlinna’s sports services, you need a sports pass. With the sports pass, you get the right to use the university centre’s gym, guided fitness classes and ball games. On other campuses, the range of sports services is narrower and the sports services are available free of charge or at a contract price, if it is a contract partner of HAMK.

Prices of the Sports Pass

HAMKO’s members: 45 euros / semester, 80 euros / academic year
Other Hamk’s students: 55 euros / semester, 100 euros / academic year

Autumn semester begins on 4th September 2023 and ends on 31st January 2024.
Spring semester begins on 8th January and ends 31st August 2024.

Have a joy of exercise!

More information about HAMK’s sports services:
Jari Virtanen, Sports Planner
Education support services
Tel. +358407355653

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