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HAMKO’s Board and chairpersons of the Council 2022

The Council of Representatives of the Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences, elected in October, met today for its inaugural meeting. The meeting elected the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Council of Representatives and the Board.

Milla Räty was elected Chairperson of the Council of Representatives. She is studying mechanical engineering in Riihimäki for the second year. Milla has been a member of HAMKO’s Council of Representatives this year.

“I’m excited and looking forward to next year. I hope the situation with Covid-19 is easing, and we can develop activities and meet people. I am delighted to have been elected chairperson of the Council of Representatives.” Commented Milla, the newly elected chairperson.

Jere Ojala was elected Vice Chairperson of the Council of Representatives. Jere is also studying mechanical engineering at Riihimäki. Jere has been President of the Board of HAMKO this year.

Aino Kouri was elected President of the Board. Aino is studying horticulture for the third year on the Lepaa campus. Aino has previous organizational experience. She has been on the board of LOK ry in 2020-2021. In addition, Aino has worked on HAMKO’s Board this year. As a member of the Board since the beginning of the year and as Vice President of the Board in the autumn.

There were three candidates for the Vice President of the Board. Rami Pennanen was elected. Rami is studying Equine Business Management on the Forssa campus for the second year. This year, he has been the chairperson of FAMKO and a member of HAMKO’s board.

The recent presidency commented on the coming year: “We look forward to next year and whatever it will bring. Congratulations to all those elected to the board and to the Council, we are excited we can work with you next year.

There were six seats on the board and six people were nominated. Therefore, the candidates were elected to the board without voting. The following were elected to the Board:

  • Laura Karjalainen (Bioeconomy, Forssa)
  • Ilona Telilä (Landscape Design and Construction, Lepaa)
  • Lotta Palo (Horticulture, Lepaa)
  • Annemari Nikkilä (Social Services, Hämeenlinna)
  • Tim Lopes (Computer Applications, Hämeenlinna)
  • Mona Achaaoud (Computer Applications, Hämeenlinna)

A total of three members of the Council of Representatives were elected to the Board, so their seats as members of the Council became vacant. The Council of Representatives has less than the required number of representatives, which is why by-elections will be held. The by-elections will be announced later.

Congratulations to the elected persons!

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