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Who is the HAMK Person of the Year 2022?

After a long period of remote studying, we have returned to campuses. At the same time, education has taken a big digital leap. Do you know a teacher that uses digital tools in an exceptionally functional way in their lectures? Or has your teacher managed to find a good way to implement teaching using digitalisation progressively?

Are there digital materials used well, also in the physical learning environment? Is there someone in your mind who has made it easier to return to campus? Or has any other staff member done what you think has been a valuable community creator?

Tell us who has made excellent work and deserves the HAMK Person of the Year title!

From the given proposals, HAMKO will select three HAMK Person of the year winners, who will be awarded HAMK Staff week in the autumn.

Submit your proposal by Sunday, April 3, 2022 using this form. In the proposal, address the name of the teacher or staff member and reasons why they has earned the title.

From the proposals submitted, three candidates will also be selected as recipients of the national award of Teacher of the Year. University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK with the local UAS student unions are looking for the teacher of the year.

The Student Union will choose three propositions and send then forward to SAMOK. A jury chosen by SAMOK will handle the propositions anonymously and make the final decision about the teacher of the year.

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