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Finnish Student Championships in spring 2023

The Finnish Student Championships (FSC) consist of national championship tournaments for Finnish higher education students. The idea behind the FSC is to offer an enjoyable sporting format for students regardless of their skill level. The whole concept is based on the joy of sports and bringing people together to have fun!

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) acts as a partner in the FSC tournaments.
Whether you are a goal-oriented athlete or looking for the joy of exercise, you should gather a team and participate! In April, the FSC volleyball championships will be held in Tampere, registration is open.

In the spring, competing takes place in volleyball and running

In the spring of 2023, the volleyball championships will be held in Tampere on April 15-16, 2023. The games are played in three series: men’s, women’s and amateur series. The amateur series is intended for mixed teams. Registration is open until March 24. There there are 8 team places in the men’s and women’s competition series and 12 in the amateur series.

Volleyball FSC tournament pages. You can find information on the organization of the tournament, accommodation and meals on the page.

The student half-marathon championships is with the Helsinki City Run on May 13, 2023. In addition, on the same day, there will be a competition for the Finnish student marathon championship in connection with Finland’s largest marathon, the Helsinki City Marathon!

You can get a student discount on the participation fee in these competitions. The student discount does not apply to open university of applied sciences students, but we have negotiated a discount for HAMK path students as well.

Half-marathon championships info (unfortunately the page is in Finnish)
Marathon championships info (unfortunately the page is in Finnish)

As a member of HAMKO, you get a discount

If the condition of the discount is membership of OLL, then as a member of HAMKO it is taken care of! HAMKO is a member of OLL, so our members can take advantage of these sports discounts.

At least 75 percent of the team participating in the OSM volleyball tournament must be OLL members, otherwise the team’s participation fee will be increased by 50%. As a member of HAMKO, you are also a member of OLL, i.e. when at least 75 percent of your team has a HAMKO membership in their pocket, you can take advantage of the cheaper participation price, €100 per whole team. In addition, HAMKO’s membership provides protection, because in these games all persons belonging to OLL’s member associations are insured against accidents on behalf of OLL.

Have a sporty spring!

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