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Wellness Event 2023

HAMKO’s Wellness Event cheers up the spring and winter!

The idea of ​​the event is to bring well-being into everyday life with small and easy actions. Because even small things contribute to well-being, it doesn’t always have to be big things.

The event takes place for a whole week, 20-26 February. During the week, we publish daily actions on social media that are worth doing. You can also earn an overall badge from the event! The event is free of charge.

At the end of the event, the participants can claim the overall badge from the HAMKO office or partner associations. To redeem the overall badge, you must complete at least 5 of the listed wellness activities. When applying, please mention which actions you performed.

The overall badge is free of charge for the participants of the event and cannot be purchased separately. There are only a limited number of overall brands.

Welness tasks of Wellness Event 2023

Clean The Box

  • I’m sure each of us has one box, a shelf, or something else that has all the stuff going on and no right place to put. It’s simply a mess. There’s always a lot of useless stuff going on there. So let’s start a week by opening that box and going through what we really need and what we don’t. Do you have the right place for any of this stuff?
  • If cleaning interests strike, go ahead, but if not, just enjoy the accomplishment and relax with the neat box.

Go to sledding or outdoors

  • Happy Laskiainen! Today is a great day to dig up the sled and go down the hill. Have you ever been sledding with your adult friends? Now is the perfect time!
  • If you can’t find a sled, go out with your friends, and pack some hot chocolates, and “laskiaispulla”.

No stress day

  • Are there too many things on the TO DO list? Are you stressed out about what you didn’t do? The more the tasks build up, the more stressful it is. However, the only way to relieve stress is to start doing things. Today, choose one thing from your list and do it.
  • You’ll soon find out how much it will make you feel better when you complete one mission. Now you can do nice things all day and tomorrow think about what to do next. One thing at a time < 3

20 min nap

  • Is there anything better than taking a nap? Today, give yourself a chance. Daytime sleep improves the rate of reaction and increases learning ability. So, if the studying is not progressing, why don’t you go to sleep for a while?
  • Right time to nap is about 20 minutes. If you go over it, your dream is so deep that you might wake up more tired than you were before the nap. So put your head on the pillow and have nice dreams!

See a friend or call them

  • What’s a better way to spend Friday than with friends? Ask a friend over and watch a movie or go to a coffee shop or something else. Whatever you want. If your friend lives a little further away, it’s also a good idea to call them. A lovely phone call with a friend gives a nice energy for the day.
  • Hugs create a sense of security and release oxytocin into the body, which relieves stress. A good laugh can also be comparable even to a fast workout. So now just enjoy the company of friends and make the world a better place with little chats.

15 min silence

  • I’m sure life is very hectic for each of us at times. So just take a minute for yourself. Turn off all the equipment and find yourself a place as quiet as you can. Just be silent for 15 minutes. You can also open a window to listen to a bird song.
  • Silence has surprisingly many good effects on us. It reduces stress, makes it more positive, and increases creativity. Silence also gives time for your own reflections, and you may learn something new about yourself. If you feel good after 15 minutes, you can keep quiet for as long as you want.

Your favorite treat

  • What’s your favorite treat? Now it’s time to go get one and enjoy it. We see far too much of how the treats should be left out, but also those treats are part of a healthy diet. So take a comfortable position and enjoy your treat.
  • Many of you go on vacation now. Rather you spent it at work, doing schoolwork, or just taking a vacation, take time for yourself and your well-being.

Thank you for participating in HAMKO’s Wellness event and do not stop here. Every day can be a good day!

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