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What and why I pay fo FSFS?

Everyone has already heard about the fees, but let’s open up a little bit about what the student pays for in this service.

Not all expenses come to students, but the state pays 77% for the service and the parafiscal charge collected from students covers 23%.
Why everyone need to pay the healthcare fee?

Why everyone need to pay the healthcare fee?

The service is to meet the needs of all students. It would not be equal to provide health services to only a subset of students. For many, the life situation may also change significantly during their studies, and the need to access the service may arise quickly. It is complicated to get the service fast if the number of people in need increases unpredictably. If the system were to work on an insurance basis, you would first have to apply for access to the service, and then the annual fee per student would be high. Even if you don’t need the service right now, you’re ready for the service in case the need arises suddenly. And you don’t have to go through a cumbersome application process or pay deductibles.

Many people think that they do not need FSHS when they are in occupational health care. It is worth noting that occupational health care takes care of workability and is not obliged to take care of injuries, strains or strain due to the study or study environment. FSHS helps in this and specializes in the specificities and workload of different fields of study. FSHS serves all university students equally, regardless of life situation.

What does the fee consist of?

In our earlier blog post, we talked about what personal services you can get from FSHS. FSHS also does work that helps just about every student, even if they do not use a personal care service.

FSHS carries out significant health promotion work nationwide and within universities. FSHS is producing e.g. nationwide University Student Health and Welfare Survey (KOTT). This study provides comprehensive and regular information on student well-being. Similar information is not available from other studies and at the same time, students’ health and well-being are assessed about to with concerning their ability to study. Besides, FSHS conducts regular inspections of the study environment and produces health-promoting communications.

All of this costs an annual fee. So you pay less per month than for the most common streaming services. There are no charges per visit.

Making a payment

Instructions for making the health care payment and a link are on Kela’s website. Go to the payment service link and log in with your online banking ID. The payment service will guide you step by step, and help you make the payment.

From here you have direct access to the payment service

If you cannot use the e-service for instance because you do not have Finnish online banking credentials, please pay the fee to Kela as a bank transfer.

Use the following payment details:

  • Account number: FI06 5000 0120 4657 77
  • BIC code: OKOYFIHH  
  • Recipient: Kela

If you make the payment from abroad, use the following payment details:

  • OP Corporate Bank plc, Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki, Finland
  • State the account number in IBAN format and the BIC code.

Write the following in the message field:

  • name of the student
  • personal identity code or date of birth of the student
  • text OTH
  • the term(s) for which the fee is paid, i.e. spring 2021autumn 2021 or spring and autumn 2021
  • name of the educational institution.

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