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FSHS services, to whom and what?

Students of universities of applied sciences had an extension to their health care from the beginning of this year when they joined the FSHS services.

FSHS operates as its own health care for university students, and the students got a foundation specializing in student health care to take care of the students’ health. The aim is for students to receive the health services they need from FSHS, and the functioning of students’ health care is no longer dependent on municipal health care or private health insurance. In some places, access to health care, especially oral health care, may be behind a long queue. At the same time, equality between universities is also improving because university students have been in the service for a long time and bachelor students have not.

Services include for students who are studying:

• Bachelor degree studies
• Master degree studies

Services does not include for:

• exchange students
• students of open university of applied sciences
• study path students

In addition to physical service points, FSHS also has a lot of remote services in use, which is not provided by municipal health care or occupational health care, ie it is not always necessary to travel to a service point to receive the service.

Emergency care still takes place in municipal health care, you receive non-urgent health care from FSHS.

What services there is?

• Non-urgent treatment
• Individual and group-based health guidance
• Periodic health check-ups
• Preventive oral health measures
• Prevention of infectious diseases
• Family planning
• Study-related health examinations, certificates and statements required by the Infectious Diseases Act and other legislation
• Travel health advice, including student exchange (students purchase the required vaccines themselves, although they can be given as part of student healthcare)
• Basic psychological examinations
• Treatment requiring a medical specialist (psychiatrist, dermatologist) or dental specialist if the patient does not qualify for specialized care
• Laboratory and imaging services in primary care related to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
• Physiotherapy
• Nutritional therapy
• Speech therapy specific to field of study (initial investigation of voice disorders for those studying for a profession requiring verbal communication)
• Study environment inspections every 3 years and yearly monitoring

There are no visit nor treatment-specific fees for the services, but only an annual fee, which is paid once per term. The amount of the payment in 2021 is 35,80 euros / semester, ie 71,60 euros / year.

If you graduate in the middle of the semester you have paid for, you can use FSHS services until the end of that semester.

Being involved in FSHS services does not remove your freedom of choice, but you can still use public health care. Municipal care is paid the normal fees that municipal care has so far charged.

Your need for treatment will be always assessed before booking an appointment for FSHS services. FSHS has its own service units and service units operated by partners. Wherever service unit you are planning to visit, first your need for treatment will be assessed on the phone. You can find up-to-date information on the operation of service channels from the

The service points available to HAMK students can be found here.

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