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Welcome to Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna’s cultural district!

Oskari Raunio, the Marketing Coordinator of our new partner Verkatehdas, talks about the Verkatehdas Event Centre in a guest pen blog, as well as its upcoming events and student benefits.

Greetings from Verkatehdas event house on the shores of Vanajavesi! I am writing here on HAMKO’s blog because Verkatehdas and HAMKO have agreed on a partnership this spring. On behalf of myself and Verkatehdas, I can already say that this is a great thing, and we hope that HAMKO and the members of HAMKO will benefit from this cooperation equally.

Verkatehdas is probably a familiar place for many of HAMKO’s members, for example gigs, movies, theatre performances or seminars. This and last year, we have met most people from Hämeenlinna with corona vaccinations, so maybe we have met during them! In any case, I will present a little about Verkatehdas at the beginning of this text, after which I will take a look at future events and student benefits.

Verkatehtaan alueen rakennukset
In addition to the Vanaja Hall, the Verkatehdas complex contains many wonderful players, such as the Hämeenlinna Art Museum, the Lyseo School and the ARX Cultural Center. Photo: Pasi Visakivi.

Many features of Verkatehdas

Verkatehdas is an event centre that opened its doors in 2007 in the centre of Hämeenlinna. As the name implies, the Verkatehdas area has a tradition in the textile industry dating back to the 19th century. In the second half of the 20th century, use of real estate began to focus more on different cultural events. In the early 2000s the city of Hämeenlinna started to develop the area as a centre of urban culture. After extensive renovation work, the opening of the new event hall was in 2007.

Verkatehdas Ltd is a limited liability company owned by the City of Hämeenlinna and managing the properties of the Verkatehdas complex. Our business is divided into two parts: the event business and the business premises business. Our events business operates by renting out the event facilities in the main building of Verkatehdas for short-term use by companies and organizations that organize events, such as concerts, meetings or seasonal parties – or even corona vaccinations if the global situation so requires.

An essential part of Verkatehdas’ operations is the leasing of premises for the use of meetings, for example. Photo: Pasi Visakivi

As part of the business premises business, we lease the business premises found in the Verkatehdas complex for long-term use by companies and organizations. After all, there are many great actors in the complex, such as the Hämeenlinna Theatre, BioRex Film Center, Vintti Restaurant, Suistoklubi, Yle Hämeenlinna and Precis Advertising Agency.

You find more information and number data about Verkatehdas in the introduction section of our website. Learn more about a review of the multi-stage history of the Verkatehdas complex here.

The Event Calendar get new events quickly

The last two years have been quite a challenging time for the operation of the event centre, and even this year started with the fact that the event calendars cleared up for January and February. In March, however, the events got back on track. The sold-out concerts of Tuure Kilpeläinen ja Kaihon Karavaani as well as Vesterinen Yhtyeineen were seen in the Vanaja Hall. In the springtime, there has been the Growth and Internationalization seminar and the first meetings of the Kanta-Häme Regional Council. Corona vaccinations have continued through the spring one or two days a week.

Autumn is traditionally the busiest time at Verkatehdas, but for the late spring, the calendar has been filled nicely: the increased need for encounters and experiences during the pandemic is evident! During May, stand-up comedy and e-sports are on the way, as well as, of course, music in several different genres. You can find the event calendar here.

Eppu Normaali at a gig in the full Vanaja Hall in 2019. Photo: Pasi Visakivi.

Benefits for students

Next, there are student benefits. We currently have two standard benefits. Firstly, the cloakroom service is free by showing a student card (value € 2.50). In addition to this, Restaurant Verkatehdas offers a sweet or savory pastry when buying a hot drink (value € 4). This benefit can be redeemed during public event intervals by showing a student card, so it requires that the event in question be intermediate. You can also pre-order servings to intermediate via a form. The form also shows you in which events the interval is held.

During the public events, you can order a cake from Verkatehdas, for example. Brick is an element characteristic of the Verkatehdas complex. Photo: Riku Hasari.

As I mentioned earlier, at Verkatehdas, public events are organized mainly by production companies and program agencies, which naturally decide on the prices of admission tickets for their events. So we cannot offer student discounts on all ticket prices, but the organizers have set up some student-priced tickets for many events anyway.

Upcoming student-priced events

Here’s a summary of upcoming events with student-priced tickets (normal price in brackets):

As a special mention in the spring calendar, the largest e-sports event in Kanta-Häme, Hämpton Games, which will be held at Verkatehdas on Saturday 28 May, must be mentioned. HAMK has a significant role to play in the arrangements, both in terms of arrangements and behind the table. Admission to the event is free!

Hämpton gamesin pelaajat pelaamassa lavalla
The HAMK team won the first Hämpton Games in history in 2020. The next Hämpton Games will be played on May 28, 2022. Photo: Pasi Visakivi.

Awesome thing if you kept reading the text so far. You will definitely come across us in this blog, as well as in overalls and HAMKO events.

And of course here at Verkatehdas! Welcome!

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