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The selection process for the HAMK Person of the Year and the Teacher of the Year is underway

There were gratifying suggestions for HAMK Person of the Year, there were almost 60 respondents and you suggested a total of 33 different people to be awarded. Thanks to everyone who responded for your lovely suggestions!

From the proposals, three were selected, which we forwarded to the University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK. SAMOK organizes the nationwide distribution of the Teacher of the Year 2022 award, and each student union is allowed to send three proposals for the award. The Teacher of the Year award will be presented at the beginning of May at the National Universities of Applied Sciences days.

The HAMK Person of the year can be a member of either the faculty or other staff, and it is gratifying that you consider the entire staff in the proposals. 3 of your proposals will be selected and awarded an honourable mention in August on HAMK’s Staff Day.

The evenness of the number of votes of the candidates and your good justification will bring a good challenge to the selection. The following things are especially emphasized in the selection of HAMK Person of the Year:

  1. Creating community and promoting community.
  2. Utilizing digital in teaching in a variety of ways, which is also emphasized by SAMOK in the national Teacher of the Year award.

During a distance learning period, communities do not emerge as naturally as before, and special attention is needed to create them. Returning to campus works best when community creators are supporting people.

The digital leap over the last couple of years has been huge and advanced solutions have not gone unnoticed by students. Bringing digitalisation in mind also promotes the opportunity for students to participate in teaching regardless of their initial life situation, promoting educational equality. Many HAMK staff members received several mentions and thanks for this.

Stay tuned in May when we share the winner of SAMOK’s Teacher of the Year award, and especially in August when the HAMK Person of the Year is published!

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