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The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is an expert in student health care and, as a student in higher education, provides you with general health, oral health and mental health services and promotes the well-being of study communities. Read about services from web pages.

You can use FSHS services during the fall semester 2021 in case you are studying for your bachelor’s or master’s degree and you have paid the health care fee for students to Kela.

Who are entitled to use FSHS services?

  • University students (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree),
  • Students at universities of applied sciences (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree)
  • Police University College students (Bachelor’s degree), and
  • Civilian students at the National Defence University.

Who are not entitled to use FSHS services?

  • international exchange students
  • students at open colleges
  • postgraduate students (e.g. students studying for a PhD)

Using FSHS services ‒ also remotely

Your need for treatment will be assessed before booking an appointment for FSHS services. Contact information and opening hours of service units can be found on website.

You can also contact with FSHS online and remotely. Self is a student’s own online service through which you can maintain your contact information, manage appointments, chat, or arrive at a remote reception. Read more about Self and log in as a user right at the beginning of the study year.

The health care fee is paid to Kela

The health care fee for students in higher education is paid to Kela, and FSHS provides health care services to students. FSHS does not charge a service fee for receptions. Learn more from here.

The healthcare fee must be paid by all students who are encompassed by FSHS services. The healthcare fee must be paid to KELA irrespective of whether the student uses FSHS services or not.

The health care fee will be 71,60 euros in 2021. According to the act, the fee must be paid in two rates which amounts to 35,8 euros per semester.

When and how do I pay the healthcare fee?

The healthcare fee must be paid to KELA every term, i.e. twice a year. Please note that KELA will not send you an invoice, so you must pay the fee on your own initiative. The due dates will depend on the date of your registration as an attending student.

Learn more: How to pay the student healthcare fee in higher education.

Student health information online

You can also find health information in the FSHS Health information resource where a wide range of articles related to student health, illness, mental health and oral health have been compiled.

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