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Alkupamaus is organized again after a break

A traditional kick off-party of an academic year will be held again after a year break! HAMKO’s Alkupamaus is an event for all HAMK students. Last year, the event could not be organized due to pandemic restrictions.

The pandemic situation does not yet allow for traditional after parties, so the Alkupamaus will be celebrated on a smaller scale this year in the form of the Ryöminki task track. The task track runs around the centre of Hämeenlinna. Welcome to have fun with other HAMK students at Thursday September 16.

The event starts at 3 pm from Hämeenlinna Market Square.

  • You get your event booklet and overall patch from the HAMKO tent.
    • The ticket is checked at the market square and marked as used when you go on a checkpoint tour.
  • Departures to the Ryöminki track take place in 30 minute staggers between 3 pm and 6 pm.
  • Pick up your booklets well in advance so your team can leave on time.
  • The checkpoints will close at 10 pm.
  • The finish is located in Hämeenlinna Market Square as well.
    • Ryöminki booklets can be returned to the square until 10.30 pm.

The price of the ticket is EUR 5.50 . You’ll get a overall patch for the event.

Task track assignments are scored and the best team is rewarded with restaurant gift cards! There will also be a draw between the participating teams, with a surprise prize.

So gather a team of 4-10 people and come to celebrate!

Please keep safety distances and take care of hygiene. While the longing for events is strong, we ask everyone to spend the evening responsibly. This guarantees the continuity of contact teaching and no new restrictions are needed on campuses.

Please note the following safety instructions:

  • Attend the event only if you are healthy.
  • We comply with current COVID-19 instructions.
  • Keep safety distances to other participants.
  • Take care of your hand hygiene – hand disinfectant is available at every checkpoint.
  • Visit the checkpoints in the instructed order.
  • Take care of your teammates, don’t leave anyone alone.
  • Don’t misbehave, be mindful of the people around you and don’t block paths of others.
  • The contact information of HAMKO Harassment officers are attached with the task pass you get in the event. There’s also contact infos in case of an emergencys.
  • There isn’t an organized after party for this event.

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