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The stars of teaching have been awarded this year with the HAMK Person of the Year awards

As the academic year has kicked off, new students have had the chance to acquaint themselves with HAMK’s dedicated teaching personnel. The teaching personnel plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless journey for students in the realm of higher education, offering them the keys to learning and cultivating a conducive learning environment.

Recognizing the value of their contributions, the student union annually bestows the HAMK Person of the Year award upon deserving HAMK personnel members who have made notable contributions to their work. What sets this award apart is that the nominations are submitted directly by the students of Häme University of Applied Sciences.

This year, we are once again pleased to honor three outstanding educators with the HAMK Person of the Year award. The focus this year has been on acknowledging the diverse needs of students and providing robust support. A total of 30 individuals submitted nominations.

Aino Kouri, Chair of the Student Union’s Board, presented certificates of honor during HAMK Personnel Days to the following teachers: Juha Isokangas, lecturer in Bio and Food Technology (Hämeenlinna); Pirkko-Liisa Sorvari, lecturer in Health Care (Hämeenlinna); and Heta-Maija Leino, lecturer in Health Care (Forssa).

The awardees were praised in the proposals, e.g. with the following comments:

Juha Isokangas

“Juha gets excited about the subject and knows how to teach using examples. You can discuss anything with Juha and always have interesting conversations in class.”

“Juha takes all students into account. Wants all students to succeed in their studies and supports students in their difficulties. Teaching methods are versatile and Juha knows how to explain the subject in an understandable and inspiring way, which makes students interested in the subject. Juha is a good-natured, motivating and understanding teacher.”

“Juha is a great support for the students and considers in teaching that everyone learns differently. Uses a variety of different learning methods to advantage.”

Pirkko-Liisa Sorvari

“Pirkko-Liisa is helpful and sunny. In medicine calculations, is ready to understand the student’s calculation method and further refine it. Cheers and encourages forward. Teaching is clear and the classes have a safe atmosphere.”

“Always on the student’s side, knows how to take everyone into account regardless of situations and backgrounds, patient and kind!”

“Hearty and understanding lecturer. Teaching is up-to-date, even though Pirkko-Liisa has been in the field for many years! Doesn’t stifle students’ ideas, but encourages everyone.”

Heta-Maija Leino

“Teaching is versatile, interesting and memorable. Note that training professional nurses is a matter of the heart.”

“Heta is tough and strict in teaching, but at the same time knows how to support students and push them to be better.”

“Heta is a good example for everyone of a great teacher and nurse. It’s incredibly wonderful even as an adult to feel how genuinely Heta supports and encourages and defends, sometimes you feel so alone. Good confidence has been created to face new internships when you know that when challenges come, someone will genuinely support you”

“Heta has taken into account the students’ different life situations and provided the opportunity to complete studies in a way that utilizes the student, while also guaranteeing that all students have the minimum knowledge of the course at the end of the course. Heta also gives the opportunity and encourages to do additional tasks if there is an interest in the subject. Encouraging feedback, fast response time, working life-oriented teaching style and familiarity with the solution of the student’s problem are Heta’s strengths.”

In May of this year, Heta-Maija was also awarded the national Teacher of the Year award! The Teacher of the Year award is given annually to highlight the high-quality and long-term teaching work of universities of applied sciences.

The student union of Häme University of Applied Sciences congratulates everyone who received an award!

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