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The 2023 Representative Council by-election results

Student Union was seeking for two (2) members for the Representative Council for term 2023. All members of the Student Union who had fulfilled their obligations towards the Student Union and had enrolled as present student for academic year 2022–2023 or spring semester 2023 were eligible to to stand as a candidate.

Within the candidature period, two (2) eligible candidates stand for election.

According of the Student Union Election Regulations, if there are as many or fewer successful candidates in the election as there are seats to be filled, the candidates shall be elected directly as members of the Representative Council.

Therefore the Central Election Committee has confirmed the nominees as members of the Representative Council for the term 2023 without elections. The final confirmation will be made by the Student Union Representative Council at its next meeting.

Confirmed by the Central Election Committee, the following two persons have been elected to the Representative Council for the term of office 2023:

Kati Leppilampi, Landscape Design and Construction, Lepaa
Oona Minkkinen, Business Administration, Hämeenlinna

Congratulations to Kati and Oona!

The Representative Council of the Year 2023 members.

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