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Pride Month: Student, Be Pridely Yourself!

Pride month has begun! This month celebrates the rights and visibility of sexual and gender minorities. Students are a diverse group, and we here at the student union want to promote a community where different minorities have space.

During June, there are many different events, such as parades, festivals, debates and art projects. For that, we made two Pride tickets of different sizes, from which you can print a ticket for yourself, e.g. to the event.

Brief history of Pride

Pride celebrations have their roots in the Stonewall riots in 1969 in New York, where they demanded an end to the persecution of gays and lesbians. The event was a significant turning point in defending the rights of the LGBTQ± community. This launched the civil rights movement for sexual minorities in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Pride month reminds and celebrates that people can be proud of their own identity and sexuality.

How can I support Pride Month?

For example, you can participate in local Pride events, such as parades, concerts and exhibitions.
It is good to familiarize yourself with and increase your own awareness of the rights of sexual and gender minorities. You can also use social media to share information and spread a positive message.

The meaning of Pride

The event and the Pride movement increase visibility and awareness of LGBTQ± rights, and promote a safe space for people to express themselves.

Pride reminds us that love and equality are everyone’s right. We at HAMKO also want to be involved in creating a more accepting world, and that’s why everyone is welcome to our activities just as they are.

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