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Answer and Influence the Activities of the Student Union – Membership Survey 2024 is open

We here in HAMKO want to develop and you can help with that. Because the feedback we receive from our members and other students is in the most important thing to help us when we plan activities and how we would do things better. That’s why we want to hear your opinions!

By answering HAMKO’s membership survey, you can directly influence how we here in the student union develop our activities and serve you and the students better. Your contribution will not be ignored, because every answer is important to us.

Why should I answer?

  1. You have a direct impact: Our survey gives you the opportunity to express your opinion and wishes directly. We want to make sure that our services meet your needs in the best possible way.
  2. You improve your experience: With the help of feedback from students, we can develop our services even better. Our goal is to offer students as pleasant and useful a membership experience as possible.
  3. You are part of the community: By participating in the survey, you are helping to build a better community, where more sustainable solutions are created together.

Click the link below and take our survey now.

Submitting the survey

We welcome all HAMK students to answer our survey! Whether you’re a member or not, we’d love to hear what you think.

The estimated response time for the survey is 10 minutes. Answering is voluntary. The survey is open, and the last response date is Sunday 19 May 2024.

Only questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory, but we also hope for answers to as many voluntary questions as possible.

Answering the survey is done anonymously. The survey does not collect information that could identify a specific person.

Gift cards will be drawn among the respondents

Among the respondents, 10 gift cards worth 30 euros will be drawn. The winners can choose either an S Group, a K Group or a Lidl gift card. For the draw, you can leave your contact information on a separate form.

You will receive a link for the draw at the end of the form after you have submitted your answer. The answers to this survey cannot be linked to the contact information of the raffle.

If you would like to have more information, please contact:

Liisa Hyytiäinen
Adviser, Member Service and Communications
tel.+358447221003, e-mail:

Aleksi Kurvi
Executive Director
tel.+358447221000, e-mail:

A Data Protection Notice of the Survey:

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