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Good work placements

The majority of students at HAMK are already starting their summer break after an exceptional spring. However, for many summer is not a holiday. Studies are also actively pursued during the summer, and one of the general favorites for summer studies is to complete practical studies that are a part of bachelor’s degree. Students go to companies and other organizations in their own field of study to develop the skills required by the future profession and to learn the requirements of working life.

From the student’s point of view, work placement is a great window to look at and develop one’s own skills. Good work placement leaves you with development targets and ideas on how your own skills could be further developed. After a successful training period, it is possible to be employed by the same company e.g. for on call work.

Work placements play a major role in the growth of the student’s professional identity and finding their own place in their future profession. Of course, growth does not always happen in only one direction. Interactive relationship between the work placement company and the student can be a place for a company to develop itself as well. Students bring new ideas and represent the future of the industry. New methods and ways of working can also be learned from students. Many companies hope to hear students’ views and opinions.

However, students are in the process of learning. They cannot be expected to have the same skills and performance as experienced professionals in the field. Students need support and guidance that should be provided during training by the companies. That’s why it’s important to have a mentor assigned to you during your work placement. Mentor will take care of your orientation and learning throughout your work placement. There is always objectives set for the work placement. In order to achieve them, adequate guidance and support must be provided.

We encourage everyone to welcome students to workplaces and into the work community. There is always zero tolerance for discrimination in work placements. Students should contact the school in case of any problems. Let’s make sure that students receive a sufficient amount of support and guidance even in these exceptional times.

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