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HAMKO’s Board and chairpersons of the Council 2021

Council of Representatives Election was held in the beginning of November. The new Council gathered to its inaugural meeting today. In the meeting, the Council elected chairperson and vice chairperson and Board for 2021.

Council’s chairperson 2021 is Heli Mononen. Heli studies business administration in Hämeenlinna University Centre.

Anni Väänänen was elected as vice chairperson. Anni also is a business administration student in Hämeenlinna University Centre.

Council elected the following members to HAMKO’s board 2021:

  • Jere Ojala, President of the Board (Mechanical and Production Engineering, Riihimäki)
  • Leidi-Kristal Kohonen, Vice president of the Board (Mechanical and Production Engineering, Riihimäki)
  • Veera Volanen (Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Hämeenlinna)
  • Rami Pennanen (Equine Business Management, Forssa)
  • Ilona Siili (Social Services, Hämeenlinna)
  • Aino Lipsanen (Horticulture, Lepaa)
  • Aleksi Heinilä (Bioeconomy Engineering, Forssa)
  • Emmi Liias (Forestry, Evo)

Six members of the Council was elected to the Board. The following persons will take their place in the Council:

  • Roope Mäkinen (Valkeekosken liitto)
  • Imane Kardous (non-attached candidate)
  • Jeremias Räihä (non-attached candidate)

The Council thus has less than the required number of representatives, which means that there will be by-election in HAMKO. We will inform about the by-election later.

Congrats to newly elected chairpersons and board!

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