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HAMKO’s Board 2022 had its inaugural meeting

HAMKO’s board and employees spent three days in the Evo, training the 2022 board. The Board of 2022 held its inaugural meeting, and will begin the year with the following division of responsibilities:

Name and process responsibility

Aino Kouri: President
Partners, Communications
Rami Pennanen: Vice president
Societal influence

Members of the Board

Mona Achaaoud: Student Culture
Laura Karjalainen: Quality and feedback, Career and employment
Tim Lopes: Member benefits and services, Internationality
Annemari Nikkilä: Student Culture
Lotta Palo: Welfare, Sports
Ilona Telilä: Counselling and orientation

Rami and Annemari are also harassment officers.

The Chairperson of the Council of Representatives in 2022 is Milla Räty and Vice Chairperson of the Council is Jere Ojala.

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