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Council of Representatives 2022 by-election announcement

Standing for candidacy in the Student Union of HAMK’s Council of Representatives by-election begins on Monday 10.1.2022 at 9:00 and ends on Monday 24.1.2022 at 16.00.

Council of Representatives is the highest decision-making body in the Student Union. The Council of Representatives is in charge of defining policies and it confirms, for example, the plan of work and the budget for the Student Union.

In the Council of Representatives by-election, the missing 7 members of the Council are chosen for the term 2022. All members of the Student Union who have fulfilled their obligation to the Student Union and are registered as present student for the academic year 2021–2022 or spring 2022 semester may stand for election.

The standing for election is done by an electronic form. The link to the form will be published as the standing for election begins.

The Council of Representatives election is electronic, and the voting link will be sent to all members.
The electoral officials will be named on 31.1.2022.

The list of those eligible to vote will be checked on 7.2.2022. All students, who have fulfilled their obligation to the Student Union by that time, are eligible to vote in the Council of Representatives election.

Voting will begin on Monday 14.2.2022 at 9:00 and end on Wednesday 16.2.2022 at 16:00.
Election results will be announced by the latest on 17.2.2022.

The voting link for the electronic voting system will be sent to the Student Union member’s HAMK email address (

More information:

Chairperson of the Central Electoral Committee, Heli Kultalahti

Executive Director, Aleksi Kurvi, p. 0447221000

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