Local benefits

The Student Union and the local student associations have negotiated local benefits for student card holders. In addition to the places listed below, you can always ask if you can receive a student discount, where ever you are! The local benefits are for blue and green student card holders.


We aim to negotiate new benefits continuously. You can suggest a benefit or share your idea about student benefits to hamko@hamko.fi or using the feedback form.

Remember that the benefits by Opiskelijan Tampere are also for the members of HAMKO!



Benefits by location:











Giver Type Address Benefit
A-Katsastus vehicle inspection station Viksbergintie 6 15% off from vehicle inspection and emission measuring
Bowling 4 You bowling alley Wahreninkatu 11 -2€ from standard price
Farkkupuoti clothes Tapulikuja 6 -10% from standard price
Forssan Lehti local newspaper   -40% from the subscription.
Forssan Liivikeskus lingerie Säästöpankinkatu 2 -10% from standard price
Forssan Poika menswear Sibeliuksenkatu 1 -10% from standard price
GreenWhale Accesories accessories Hämeentie 10 -10% from standard price
Grilli Aikapoika grillroom Kauppakatu 23 10% off from food, drinks and seasonal products
Hannun Kello jeweler Vilppaankatu -20 % from normal prices (excluding Kalevala jewelery or services such as battery chancing)
Hiustalo hair salon Yhtiönkatu 1 -10 % , valid Mon-Thu 9.00-15.00
Hotelli Koskenniska hotel Turuntie 1 Ask for benefits on the spot (Sunday to Thursday)
Intersport sports store Yhtiönkatu (Kutomo shopping centre)  -20% from standard price
Jailbird Tattoo tattoos & piercings Hämeentie 11 Tattoos and piercings -20%. Can't be combined with other discounts.
Kello-Nyström jeweler Sibeliuksenkatu 1

-20% from normal prices (excluding Kalevala, Lapponia or Nomination jewellery, special offer items and repairs)

Kotipizza pizzeria Torikatu 1 When eating at Kotipizza, you get a free drink
Kutomon Fysioterapia ja Liikuntakeskus sports centre Kutomonkuja 2 A 1 Annual card 50€/month + billing charge 5€ if you pay once a month. Two summer months can be put on hold without additional fees. Card for one semester (January-May or August-December) 65€/month + billing charge. Includes guidance at gym.
Nissen optician Tapulikuja 6 10% discount on the purchases from the store. Discount also from campaign products and vision test.
Parturi-kampaamo Emilia hair salon Turuntie 2 -10% from standard price services
Parturi-kampaamo Tazzi hair salon Kartanonkatu 5, Kartanonkatu 11  -10% from standard price services and products (excluding machines)
Parturi-kampaamo Teidän Hiukset hair salon Torikatu 8 -10% from the cost of the service
Terveyskauppa Helokki health food shop Tapulikuja 6, Torikatu 10 -10% from standard price items
Tina’s Hiusmuotoilua hair salon Kartanonkatu 12 -10 % from the services and priducts


Giver Type Address Benefit
P-K Hanne Kivelä hair salon Hakkapeliitantie 3 -10% from products and service



Type Address Benefit
Kauneus- ja hiuspiste Sari beautician and hair salon Jaakonkuja 5 3€ off from a normal priced haircut
Parolan Näkökeskus optician Jaakonkuja 5 20% discount on normal priced eyeglasses and sunglasses


Giver Type Address Benefit
A-Katsastus vehicle inspection station Katsastusmiehenkuja 3, Takumäentie 5 15% off from vehicle inspection and emission measuring
Ahvenisto Activity Park activity park Olympiakatu 18-20 Entrance fee to open air pool 2,90 €
Albertin Kellari pub Kirkkorinne 2 Ask for benefits on the spot
Aulanko Golf golf Eversti: Aulangon Heikkiläntie 91 ja Hugo: Aulangonkuja 2 50% discount on Green Fee for students under 26 years. Discounts on season fee for students under 25 years.
Autokoulu Top-Ten driving school Rauhankatu 11 Training period 160€, dark driving with a simulator 90€, advanced period 260€
Bio Rex Verkatehdas cinema Paasikiventie 2 -15% discount Mon-Thu from all normal priced movie tickets
Birthplace of Jean Sibelius museum Hallituskatu 11 Entrance 4€ (norm. 5€)
Café Cornetto café Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) All café products -10%
Café Hoffi café Palokunnankatu 9 Coffee, tee, special coffees -10%, waffles -10%, pastry from the showcase -10%, salad and soup lunch -10 %.
Café Il Mondo café Raatihuoneenkatu 21B, Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) Normal priced items -10 %
Café Kukko café Palokunnankatu 11 & Kauppakeskus Tavastila Normal priced items -10%. Cannot be combined with other discounts or benefits at the café.
Café Laurell café Sibeliuksenkatu 7 10% discount from Laurell's homemade products.
Cantina Fiesta tex mex restaurant Kaivokatu 9 All main courses from the menu -15%, no discount from the lunch. Non-alcoholic drinks -15% when dining. To get the discount, a student card must be shown before ordering!
Cityvarasto storage unit rental Keksikatu 5 10% discount on all facilities of Cityvarasto and all the different sized storage units. Discount can't be combined other discounts. Discount isn't available from the Cityvarasto web shop. Only for HAMKO members.
Coffee House café Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) 15% off from normal priced items
Faunatar pets Wartiamäentie 2 By showing the student card you'll get free loyalty membership (value 5€), which gives you benefits in every Faunatar store
Fida Secondhand second hand Palokunnankatu 5 15% off from normal priced items
Fifth Avenue bowling alley Pitkätanhuankatu 2 Student-priced bowling
FitStation fitness centre Eteläkatu 1 Student-priced exercise classes
Flowpark adventure park Olympiakatu 18-20 Day ticket 19€ (norm. 22€)
Fresno American Diner restaurant Hallituskatu 20 (2.krs) 20% discount from à la carte meals. 0,5l soda 1,8 €. Show your student card when ordering.
Glo Hair hair salon Sibeliuksenkatu 11, Katsastusmiehenkatu 6 10% discount on haircut
Green Whale Accessories accessories Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) -10% from normal priced items
Hemingway's pub Raatihuoneenkatu 16-18 Ask for benefits on the spot
Hesburger fast food Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) 15% off from normal priced items
Hius- ja kauneushuone Kristalli hairdresser, beautician Kaivokatu 7 Hairdresser services made by students -30%, products -10%. Beautician services -10% (excluding massages)
HPK ice hockey team Ritari-areena, Poltinahontie 11 Student-priced tickets to home games
Häme castle museum Kustaa III:n katu 6 Entrance fee 7€ (norm. 9€)
Hämeenlinna Art Museum art museum Viipurintie 2 Entrance fee 6€ (norm. 8€)
Hämeenlinnan keilahalli bowling alley Keilakatu 2 Track fee 16€/h, black light bowling 26€/h. Prices include the rental of bowling shoes.
Hämeenlinnan Kiipeilykeskus Hänkki bouldering Luukkaankatu 7 Renting the climbing shoes is free with the student card (norm. 2€)
Hämeenlinnan Näkökeskus optician Palokunnankatu 25 20% discount on normal priced eyeglasses and sunglasses
Hämeenlinnan Raatikuva photo services Palokunnankatu 20 Passport photos -2€
Hämeenlinna Shorinji Kempo hobby hameenlinna.shorinjikempo.fi Join fee 60 € (norm. 90 €)
Katsastuskuvio vehicle inspection station Takumäentie 5 5€ off from annual vehicle inspection
Kaus - Kantolan Autokatsastus vehicle inspection station Luukkaankatu 5 10% off from annual vehicle inspection
Kellokeskus Laine jeweler Raatihuoneenkatu 10 10% off from products
Kookenkä shoes Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) -10% from all normal priced shoes
Levymekka record store Palokunnankatu 14 10% discount from new CDs and LPs
Linna Golf golf Vanajanlinnantie 485 Green Fee 35€/ person (norm. 100€/ person). Green Fee benefit is valid on weekends after 12 o'clock. -50% off from range balls (norm. 5€/ 45 balls). Student card has to be shown at the registration.
Luomu- ja herkkukauppa Inkivääri organic food Raatihuoneenkatu 9 -10% from pick 'n' mix on Mondays
M Room barber Palokunnankatu 11, Vankanlähde 7 (Innopark) Student Day Card: Silver member card for students 250€ / 12 months. (Available with the student card. Unlimited hair cuts Mon-Thu at 10-14, at other times +5€ extra fee.) 
M Cut 25€ Mon-Thu at 10-14 by showing the student card.
Mc Donald’s fast food Hämeensaarentie 8, Tiiriönsuontie 1 Plus-sized meal at the price of a normal meal. Not valid in Hämeensaari McDonald’s between 11 pm and 8 am.
Metro kebab & pizzeria fast food Viipurintie 32 1€ off from all food
Museo Skogster museum Raatihuoneenkatu 8 Entrance fee 4 € (norm. 5 €)
Nightlife nightclub Raatihuoneenkatu 16-18 Ask for benefits on the spot
Ninja accessories Eteläkatu 14 10% discount on jewelry and accessories. Discount is valid till 31.12.2017.
Nissen optician Kaivokatu 7 10% discount on the purchases from the store. Discount also from campaign products and vision test.
Orient World Chinese restaurant Raatihuoneenkatu 3 Lunch 7,5€, on weekends 10€. -15% daily from 3pm to 9pm.
Palander house museum Linnankatu 16 Entrance 4€ (norm. 5€)
Pancho Villa tex mex restaurant Sibeliuksenkatu 11 12% discount with a student card. Show your card when ordering!
Picnic café Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) Products -10%
Piukat paikat & Kovat kundit sports centre Viipurintie 36, Miehistönkatu 4 Gym 45€/month, 10x card/ 60€ (valid 4 months) anytime monthly card 55€ (incl. gym and group exercises). 10x guided classes 70€ (valid 4 months). Same card can be used both at Piukat Paika Kovat Kundit (Viipurintie 36) and at Sport-talli (Miehistönkatu 4 Poltinaho).
Pool Café poolroom, bar Raatihuoneenkatu 5 Pool, Kaisa, Snooker or Table Curling for the student price of 10€/h
Pub Raatihuone sports bar Raatihuoneenkatu 13 Food and drinks -20%
Ravintola OM Indian restaurant Visamäentie 33 (Visatalo) Weekdays at 14-17 lunch 8€ (norm. 9,5€)
Rax buffet Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) -10% from buffet's standard price
Ruusun ja Rosmariinin HyvänOlon Werstas massage treatments Visamäentie 35 A Massages -10%
Sabai Sabai Thai restaurant Kaivokatu 9 All main courses from the menu -15%, no discount from the lunch. Non-alcoholic drinks -15% when dining. To get the discount, a student card must be shown before ordering!
Sol laundry service Kaivokatu 7 (Kauppakeskus Goodman) Formal wear cleaning -20%
Sport'In Urheilulinna sports store Eteläkatu 14 15% off all products (excluding heart rate monitors)
Steelers floorball team   Tickets to representative team's games 5€
Taide- ja kehysliike Ultramariini art and framing supplies Takumäentie 1 B 10% off from normal priced items (excluding framing or manga products)
Terveys Huoltamo wellbeing centre Eteläkatu 14 B -10% off from certain services. Only for HAMKO members.
Twebs computer repair Saaristenkatu 4 15% discount on normal-priced computer repairs.
Vianor vehicle tires Parolantie 104 8% off from tires, wheels and service. The discount is from net prices.
Voudin Kellari pub Sibeliuksenkatu 3 Ask for student benefits on the spot.
Wanha Pankki bar / restaurant Raatihuoneenkatu 10 À la carte main dishes -20%. Ask also about other student benefits. Show the student card when ordering. Cannot be combined with other offers.


Giver Type Address Benefit
Bulldog Bar​ bar Eteläinen asemakatu 2 Ask for benefits on the spot
Bull'et American Diner restaurant Hämeenkatu 29 -15% from the main course. Show the student card before ordering.
Feeniks Café​ café Hämeenkatu 25-27 Drinks and pastry -10%
Hiustalo hair salon Merkoksenkatu 5 10% discount Mon-Thu at 9.00-15.00
Hotel Seurahuone hotel Hämeenkatu 29 Renting the sauna -20%.
J. A. Sandels Pub pub Hämeenkatu 29 Student-friendly prices from Sunday to Thursday.
Nissen optician Keskuskatu 7 10% discount on the purchases from the store. Discount also from campaign products and vision test.
Parturi Takku hair salon Hämeenkatu 17 Men’s haircut 20€
Pub Irlannin Setteri pub Valtakatu 3 Ask for benefits on the spot
Riihimäen Poolbar bar Kauppakuja 3-5 Pool at student price. Ask also other benefits on the spot.
Rixu Bowling bowling alley Pohjolankatu 6 Two hours of black light bowling on Wednesdays 30€
Unelmalemmikit pets Keskuskatu 18-20 15% discount on items, 10% discount on food and cat litter, 5% discount on frozen food. No simultaneous benefits with the discount cards.
WINGS restaurant Hämeenkatu 29 -15% from all portions. Show the student card before ordering.


Giver Type Address Benefit
Café Sofia café Valtakatu 9-11 10% discount on all products
EasyFit fitness centre Valtakatu 9-11, Koskikara 2nd floor Starting fee 0,90€ (rrp. 29,90€). Starting fee discount is activated when customer picks up the access key from the info desk. Payment to the info with bank card 30,80€ (starting fee + 1 month exercise. Customership includes: gym, group exercise, spinning, virtual exercise for the price of 29,90€/month (incl. access to 2 fitness centres: EasyFit Valkeakoski and EasyFit Koivistonkylä in Tampere). One-time free visit.
Golden Source Chinese restaurant Valtakatu 19 Student-priced à la carte list
Hesburger fast food Valtakatu 9-11 Kerrosateria (double burger meal) 6€
Inter Pizza pizzeria Apiankatu 5 1€ off from all portions
KenkäS shoes Valtakatu 9-11 10% discount on normal-priced shoes
Kino-Sampo cinema Valtakatu 19 Movie tickets Mon-Thu -2€
Kukka-Kimppula flowers Lempääläntie 39 Indoor plants -10%.
Kuntokeskus Kanava sports centre Apiankatu 1 Single entry 10€ (norm. 12€), 10x card 72€ (norm. 92€), Kanava month (4 weeks) 59€ (norm. 70€).
Linno & Bilelinno bar / nightclub Valtakatu 12 50% off from drinks on weekdays (Linno, excluding special events). Free entry till midnight on weekends (Linno, cloakroom service fee 3€).
Ravintola Karpuzi restaurant Torikatu 2 10% off from à la carte meals
Ravintola Musta Kissa restaurant Valtakatu 13 -10% from a la carte meals by showing a student card. Not valid on weekends.
Myllysaari museum museum Kanavanranta 3C Entry fee 3€ (norm. 5€)
Siipiravintola Koski chicken wings, fingerfood Valtakatu 12 Food -20%.
Silmäasema optician Valtakatu 9 Free eyesight examination for those who buy glasses / contact lenses. Normal-priced glasses -20% (no simultaneous discounts). Contact lenses -10%.
Valkeakosken keilahalli bowling alley Lotilantie 24 Track fee 13€/h (norm. 17€)
Valkeakosken Liikuntapiste sports centre Kerhomajankatu 5 1 month gym 35€, 1month fullcard 50€
6 month gym 180€ (30€/month), 6 month fullcard 42€/month
12 month gym 300€ (25€/month), 12 month fullcard 38€/month